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Current College and NFL Openings

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by Chicken
Chicken 261/15 4:06 pm
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Welcome Back to Another Installment of the world famous Coaching Changes Board...

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by Chicken
Chicken 2212/26 9:09 pm

Some possible DC candidates not mentioned much

by LSU_30A
LSU_30A121/20 7:50 pm

Will Muschamp working for UGA / Schuuman Update

by Procrastinator
Procrastinator 131/20 7:49 pm

Schumann is personal favor

by TigerBert
TigerBert 81/20 7:47 pm
Nix to Twillie

Schumann or Odom

by TexasTiger88
TexasTiger88 171/20 7:46 pm
A Menace to Sobriety

Would lsu be mad if it was Raymond as Dc?

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by Tiger30
Tiger30 281/20 7:21 pm

Can someone legitimately tell me why this is a shite show all the time?

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by MakeMoney
MakeMoney 211/20 7:12 pm

Vol and TBL

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by MoneyTime
MoneyTime 241/20 7:07 pm

Thought Scott W. Would supervise O’s hires

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by hondo
hondo 401/20 6:47 pm
Tiger Tracker

Who is the next DC candidate to leave us at the altar?

by Jugular Joe
Jugular Joe101/20 6:47 pm

The FINAL 3 list:

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by evangelfan
evangelfan 391/20 6:32 pm

What worthy candidates are still available?

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by BlackAngus
BlackAngus 331/20 6:06 pm

Bright spot of the DC front

by Tiger30
Tiger30 151/20 4:18 pm

What is the latest date LSU could hire a DC and still be ready for spring practice?

by LifeAquatic
LifeAquatic41/20 3:57 pm

Hire the "Elmer Fudd" Search Firm for Coaches

by boudinman
boudinman41/20 3:53 pm

Ole Miss TE Coach Joe Jon Finley hired by Oklahoma

by Quicksilver
Quicksilver 91/20 1:14 pm

what’s Austin Thomas’s role in hiring Coordinators?

by saturncube21
saturncube2191/20 1:13 pm

Official Tigerbaitlawyer Thread

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by lesthemadhatter
lesthemadhatter 3911/20 1:09 pm

DC search is telling

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by tigersauce85
tigersauce85 351/20 12:50 pm

For those wanting O gone...

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by Heresthetruth
Heresthetruth 431/20 12:42 pm

I hope LSU isn’t just looking at available coaches for the DC spot.

by LSU_30A
LSU_30A11/20 11:33 am

Chris Ash anybody?

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by Tiger30
Tiger30 211/20 11:12 am

LSU did not give Payton a courtesy call to request an interview with Nielsen

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by Fun Bunch
Fun Bunch 841/20 11:05 am

Doug Marrone finalizing deal to Bama as OL coach

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by The Hurricane
The Hurricane 261/20 10:32 am
Bham Bammer

Pre internet process

by Miss3Channels
Miss3Channels 21/20 10:28 am

The DC: Prefer no leaks, news, etc. of any pending hire.

by boudinman
boudinman141/20 10:04 am

Anyone else think Woodward has turned O over to himself and letting him fail to can him?

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by roach3
roach3 271/20 9:55 am
Tiger Tracker

Patrick Toney DC at ULL

by bisonduck
bisonduck 181/20 8:42 am

The optics on the DC hire look rough

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by CharlesLSU
CharlesLSU 391/20 8:07 am
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