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Happy Independence Day from one of my fields

by TigerOnTheMountain comments14
O-T Lounge11 minutes ago
TigerOnTheMountain 147/4 9:52 pm

The July 4th Illinois shooter has been ID'd. His name is Robert Crimo III

by Frank Black comments15
O-T Lounge13 minutes ago
Frank Black 157/4 9:50 pm

Gavin Newson: One Douchey Looking Mother Poker

by Langland comments4
Political Talk13 minutes ago
Langland 47/4 9:53 pm

Rough night for EMT's

by Ramblin Wreck comments3
O-T Lounge25 minutes ago
Ramblin Wreck 37/4 9:30 pm

Here’s some crazy Britney in a bikini (video link) *NSFW*

by Pisco comments23
O-T Lounge31 minutes ago
Pisco 237/4 9:49 pm

triple play in Chicago

by OWLFAN86 comments3
More Sports35 minutes ago
OWLFAN86 37/4 9:33 pm

Former Star Wars actor Mark Hamill has gone off the deep end and looks awful doing it

by JetDawg comments21
Political Talk46 minutes ago
JetDawg 217/4 9:49 pm
Dirk Dawgler

MEATER wireless probe thermometers?

by Irregardless comments6
Food and Drink48 minutes ago
Irregardless67/4 9:29 pm

My OG Xbone bricked, about to replace hard drive myself. Any advice?

by DownshiftAndFloorIt comments2
Gaming Board56 minutes ago
DownshiftAndFloorIt 27/4 9:04 pm

Why do we pretend LeBron is Satan?

by diddlydawg7 comments18
More Sports57 minutes ago
diddlydawg7 187/4 9:53 pm

Almost Had A Bluetooth Disaster.

by bird35 comments9
O-T Lounge1 hour ago
bird35 97/4 9:16 pm

True or False: Clone Wars final season eps 9-12 are the best Star Wars content since ESB

by Frac the world comments5
Movie/TV Board1 hour ago
Frac the world 57/4 9:33 pm

Checking in if your Neighborhood is currently under attack

by FLObserver comments40
O-T Lounge1 hour ago
FLObserver 407/4 9:51 pm

New Nic Cage Movie

by Easye921 comments5
Movie/TV Board1 hour ago
Easye921 57/4 9:08 pm
Laugh More

Happy July 4th! LSU gets 4 new commits for the occasion

by TutHillTiger comments7
LSU Recruiting1 hour ago
TutHillTiger 77/4 8:38 pm

Last minute Fall vacation ideas

by TigerTee comments2
Travel Board2 hours ago
TigerTee 27/4 9:03 pm

Woke Clinton News Network Hijacking of the Fourth

by tigerpoboy comments13
Political Talk2 hours ago
tigerpoboy 137/4 9:53 pm

Banff National Park , Alberta.

by jkylejohnson comments4
Travel Board2 hours ago
jkylejohnson 47/4 9:51 pm

Why are police escorting terrorists towards people celebrating 4th of July in DC?

by FlexDawg comments18
Political Talk2 hours ago
FlexDawg 187/4 9:48 pm

ISO Sailboat Rental Pensacola/Perdido/GS

by lsutiger7997 comments0
Outdoor Board2 hours ago
lsutiger7997 07/4 8:05 pm

Why is the Macy's fireworks display show all about transgenders???

by rumproast comments27
Political Talk2 hours ago
rumproast 277/4 9:07 pm

A question completely unrelated to the soy boy Prog arrested for the parade shooting today

by PsychTiger comments5
Political Talk2 hours ago
PsychTiger 57/4 8:21 pm

Terry has company on this 4th of July

by Byrdybyrd05 comments26
O-T Lounge2 hours ago
Byrdybyrd05267/4 9:12 pm

Which college football programs were the most-watched in 2021?

by Ralph_Wiggum comments10
More Sports2 hours ago
Ralph_Wiggum 107/4 9:16 pm

They could have made it a little less obvious

by FlexDawg comments8
Political Talk2 hours ago
FlexDawg 87/4 9:05 pm

Argentina Electing A Libertarian?

by RollTide4Ever comments2
Political Talk3 hours ago
RollTide4Ever27/4 8:09 pm

Happy Independence Day Patriots!

by Delta9 comments6
Political Talk3 hours ago
Delta9 67/4 9:45 pm

Jaws-Mayor Vaughn.

by AUriptide comments16
Movie/TV Board3 hours ago
AUriptide 167/4 9:08 pm
RD Dawg

This is weird

by polkchop1 comments5
Tiger Rant3 hours ago
polkchop1 57/4 8:45 pm

Time for the congress to pass new gun laws

by NashvilleTider comments6
Political Talk3 hours ago
NashvilleTider 67/4 8:17 pm
Taxing Authority
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