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CFB Pick'em News: Three-way tie for first...Bowl Pick'em is OPEN for picks...

by Chicken
Chicken 812/8 8:17 pm
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The TD Store Is Having A Holiday Sale! TD Mugs back in stock!

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by Chicken
Chicken 4112/8 3:56 pm
Tchefuncte Tiger

McGlothern on Raymond Leaving

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by 71Stingray
71Stingray4412/9 2:12 am

The team culture must have been extremely toxic

by Springlake Tiger
Springlake Tiger 1312/9 1:44 am

This won’t get fixed fast but it will get fixed.

by Koplan16
Koplan16 012/9 1:42 am

And now for some good news...

by xGeauxLSUx
xGeauxLSUx 1912/9 1:40 am

College football that we grew up loving is gone

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by CP3LSU25
CP3LSU25 11312/9 1:26 am

Raymond and $

by Jim bean xxx
Jim bean xxx1612/9 1:21 am

Similar to what Bill Parcells once said..

by bengalmd
bengalmd612/9 1:03 am

If Raymond is gone, the only move is to go get Ohio State’s DBs coach

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by 00 Tech Grad
00 Tech Grad 2612/9 1:01 am

People keep saying Texas A&M will keep going 8-4

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by CP3LSU25
CP3LSU25 5812/9 12:38 am

The Joe Brady "Smoke and Mirrors" narrative on this board

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by Broski
Broski 6112/9 12:30 am

According to Scike...

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by GarTiger
GarTiger3012/9 12:24 am

Let’s not forget who started DBU

by Ltown_tiger
Ltown_tiger 1812/8 11:50 pm
The Boat

What are you most looking forward to under Kelly, and what do you fear the most?

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by Methuselah
Methuselah 2612/8 11:45 pm

Defensive backs drafted from LSU not recruited by CR.

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by VeryReauxna_ish
VeryReauxna_ish 2912/8 11:44 pm

Is “aligned” the new “processed”?

by Bjorn Cyborg
Bjorn Cyborg 612/8 11:35 pm

LSU passing defense ranks the past 2 years

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by tigerskin
tigerskin 2312/8 11:22 pm


by ELchapoLSU
ELchapoLSU 1112/9 12:03 am

LSU is one of 9 remaining undefeated teams in America

by The Truth 34
The Truth 34 1812/8 11:12 pm
The Truth 34

Some of y’all are going to have to realize that our culture needed to be burned down

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by tenacious
tenacious 4112/8 11:08 pm
Hurricane Mike

Bryce Langston

by IowaCityTigerFan
IowaCityTigerFan 412/8 11:07 pm
smash williams

So what happened to the binder?

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by BamaHater
BamaHater 2412/8 10:56 pm

Thank You Tiger Fans

by ND to LSU
ND to LSU 1012/8 11:50 pm
Hurricane Mike

“Les cimetières sont pleins d'hommes indispensables“ Charles de Gaulle

by Vito Andolini
Vito Andolini1412/8 11:51 pm
Hurricane Mike
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