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LSU hires Jay Johnson

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by catholictigerfan
catholictigerfan 1836/24 7:57 pm
La Place Mike

Jay Johnson Mic’d up during Mexican Baseball Fiesta

by RidiculousHype
RidiculousHype 146/24 7:57 pm

Let’s go over why Woodgoat hired Jay Johnson

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by tigerbait2010
tigerbait2010 246/24 7:56 pm

What y’all think of Jeremy Hill on the radio?

by Glock17
Glock17 126/24 7:56 pm

Newest name just passed along to me

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by LfcSU3520
LfcSU3520 896/24 7:56 pm

Optimism about next baseball season regardless of the hire

by Talmaniandevil_2534
Talmaniandevil_253446/24 7:56 pm

Pitching still the main concern

by Gallant_Gringo
Gallant_Gringo 26/24 7:55 pm

Since the coaching search is over, what do we do now?

by Byrdybyrd05
Byrdybyrd05166/24 7:54 pm

How long do you expect to wait before LSU is back in CWS?

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by Solo Cam
Solo Cam 386/24 7:54 pm

JJ must’ve blown Woodward away

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by gotiger
gotiger 286/24 7:53 pm

Why would Vitello have been such a better hire?

by Hat Tricks
Hat Tricks 186/24 7:51 pm

Johnson better than Vitello, Godwin, Bianco. Not as good as McDonnell, Sullivan, Corbin.

by spiderman
spiderman 146/24 7:50 pm

Jay Johnson is not the first Jay Johnson in LSU history.

by Slippy
Slippy 106/24 7:50 pm

It is NOT McDonnell

by Ltown_tiger
Ltown_tiger 96/24 7:49 pm

What are your realistic expectations for Johnson?

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by Magician2
Magician2 236/24 7:48 pm
Solo Cam

A&M made a better hire

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by buford4LSU
buford4LSU 386/24 7:47 pm

Woodward got his reputation off a women's basketball coach and Jimbo Fisher?

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by msptigers
msptigers436/24 7:46 pm

Very excited for this hire

by Herman
Herman 16/24 7:46 pm

Paul Manieri should have ZERO influence on the next hire

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by LSUFanMan22
LSUFanMan22 966/24 7:44 pm

Anyone got the lowdown on Coach JJ??

by Sull
Sull 146/24 7:43 pm

Can we please get some upgrades to Alex Box to go with the new hire?

by hg
hg 66/24 7:41 pm

Is Jay Johnson related to Max Johnson?

by saturncube21
saturncube2186/24 7:40 pm
Ace Midnight

In Woodgoat We Trust

by OKtiger
OKtiger 26/24 7:39 pm

Jay Johnson hire is very questionable

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by TheGhostOfBigLee
TheGhostOfBigLee 386/24 7:34 pm

Most of yall dont know anything about baseball especially hiring a new coach, so...

by LSUBanker
LSUBanker 176/24 7:45 pm
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