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Welcome to the Fark Board! Useful Info, Tips, and Wallpaper Inside.

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by Hugo Stiglitz comments32
Hugo Stiglitz 321/19 8:14 pm

Need images made into vector images

by scott8811 comments0
scott8811 02/26 1:45 pm

Can someone help me out breaking this down?

by Prominentwon comments3
Prominentwon 32/22 1:10 pm

Sketch Drawing

by Camnola comments6
Camnola62/19 9:36 am
Nole Man

How would one go about creating a deep fake video?

by Kujo comments1
Kujo 12/12 8:32 pm

Hugh Freeze beaver fark request

by Roll Tide Ravens comments11
Roll Tide Ravens 112/6 12:09 pm
Nole Man

I wouldn't mind seeing Baghdad Bob in front of...

by Geaux Tahel comments5
Geaux Tahel 51/27 8:23 am
Nole Man

Can someone put Blake Baker's Face on this picture of an actual baker? Thanks.

by whitetiger1234 comments1
whitetiger1234 11/24 9:10 am

Will someone please put Brian Kelly's face on this?

by TigerLunatik comments7
TigerLunatik 71/19 4:12 pm
The Pain Train

Nick Saban is retiring [fark thread]

by The Pain Train comments17
The Pain Train171/18 2:43 pm
Nole Man

Need a Saban / DeBoer Fark

by reggierayreb comments0
reggierayreb01/16 3:48 pm

Milroe fumble

by thebigmuffaletta comments0
thebigmuffaletta01/14 10:10 am

DeBoer Edit

by VolSquatch comments1
VolSquatch 11/12 2:58 pm

Surely will be made into “in” gif

by dstone12 comments2
dstone12 21/9 11:11 am

Leonardo Laughing Meme

by TDFreak comments5
TDFreak 51/8 2:38 pm

LSU triplets

by Captain Crown comments0
Captain Crown 01/8 11:25 am
Captain Crown

Saban as a homeless man

by lesgeaux comments4
lesgeaux 41/6 10:49 am
Nole Man

Tigerdroppings, you my only friend.

by slutiger5 comments4
slutiger5 412/30 11:03 am
Nole Man

Texas OU Dogs

by OK Roughneck comments3
OK Roughneck 312/26 8:40 pm

ISO Eastwood/Little girl looking extended gif

by beauchristopher comments9
beauchristopher 912/16 5:21 pm

Bronny James Dio

by slutiger5 comments1
slutiger5 112/16 12:41 am

Will Levis Christmas Shopping Request

by madmaxvol comments1
madmaxvol112/13 3:18 pm
The Mick

Looking for a Jayden Daniels Heisman lockscreen for iphone

by tigerfan84 comments1
tigerfan84 112/12 9:35 am

FSU Fark request

by ChexMix comments0
ChexMix 012/3 9:07 pm

Nix to JD gif

by Breauxfessor comments4
Breauxfessor 412/3 8:03 pm
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