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Nonbinary person complains of being asked, 'Are you a boy or a girl?' during haircuts

by deathvalleyfreak43
O-T Lounge6 minutes ago
deathvalleyfreak43 102/19 12:55 pm
Saint Alfonzo

What is your strategy when dining at a buffet?

by Eightballjacket
O-T Lounge9 minutes ago
Eightballjacket 182/19 12:55 pm

Best men's NCAA basketball teams to watch?

by Boo Krewe
More Sports15 hours ago
Boo Krewe372/19 12:55 pm

What are the most preventable traffic obstacles in BR that are caused by idiots

by PiscesTiger
O-T Lounge2 hours ago
PiscesTiger562/19 12:55 pm

LUNCH THRAY---"i got nuthin, i spent 2 much time in the gmt" edition

by Skillet
O-T Lounge1 hour ago
Skillet992/19 12:54 pm

What's the best Crappie Fishing Line and # test weight?

by boudinman
Outdoor Board1 hour ago
boudinman102/19 12:54 pm

Ryan Newman released from hospital

by sicboy
More Sports4 minutes ago
sicboy 72/19 12:54 pm
sand mountainDvalues

Would you fool around with your stepsister?

by DavidTheGnome
O-T Lounge7 hours ago
DavidTheGnome552/19 12:54 pm

STM WR Jack Bech junior highlights

by Mr Clean
LSU Recruiting1 hour ago
Mr Clean 122/19 12:54 pm
Mr Clean

What movie traumatized you as a kid?

by NolaTiger52
Movie/TV Board6 minutes ago
NolaTiger52 152/19 12:54 pm

Rapper Pop Smoke shot and killed in what appears to be a home invasion robbery

by AHM21
O-T Lounge3 hours ago
AHM21 652/19 12:54 pm

Rosenthal: For MLB to move on, Astros need to stop saying 2017 title was legit

by McCaigBro69
More Sports52 minutes ago
McCaigBro69 632/19 12:54 pm

XFL ratings down in week two, but not bad yet

More Sports2 hours ago
RLDSC FAN 192/19 12:54 pm

MAGA' hat-wearing pigeons released in downtown Las Vegas

by FlexDawg
Political Talk9 minutes ago
FlexDawg 142/19 12:54 pm
Cow Drogo

City inspectors approved work @ the Hard Rock Hotel site, but GPS shows they weren’t there

O-T Lounge1 day ago
SPEEDY 1442/19 12:54 pm

Why do people put a space before their last punctuation ?

by jvargas
O-T Lounge12 minutes ago
jvargas 122/19 12:54 pm

Our President is tweeting about Rod Blagojevich! Blagojevich Did Nothing Wrong!

by Seldom Seen
Political Talk38 minutes ago
Seldom Seen 232/19 12:54 pm

The Will Cover Car Buying Guide - Another Satisfied Customer

by FulshearTiger
Money Talk5 hours ago
FulshearTiger122/19 12:54 pm
Thib-a-doe Tiger

CNN caught coaching the crowd at dim Presidential Debate

by PhDoogan
Political Talk2 hours ago
PhDoogan 292/19 12:53 pm

Sign me better understand

by the LSUSaint
More Sports4 hours ago
the LSUSaint 322/19 12:53 pm

The lack of a big man is killing us

by boogedy
Tiger Rant15 minutes ago
boogedy102/19 12:53 pm

The Fall of Wokeness

by volod
Movie/TV Board23 hours ago
volod 902/19 12:53 pm

Man robs Raising Canes - only customers are off duty cops (video at link)

by jbgleason
O-T Lounge2 hours ago
jbgleason 242/19 12:53 pm

Make Pigeons Great Again!!

by Uncle Stu
Political Talk9 minutes ago
Uncle Stu62/19 12:53 pm

2020 Daytona 500 - UPDATE: Ryan Newman RELEASED from hospital

by Roll Tide Ravens
More Sports10 days ago
Roll Tide Ravens 15682/19 12:53 pm

LSU baseball

by louisianimal69
Tiger Rant41 minutes ago
louisianimal69 42/19 12:53 pm

WaPo actual article title: It’s time to give the elites a bigger say in choosing the pres

by cokebottleag
Political Talk2 hours ago
cokebottleag 142/19 12:52 pm

Everyday stuff that always happens in movies and TV shows that is not realistic

by Chitown_Badger
Movie/TV Board4 days ago
Chitown_Badger 1782/19 12:52 pm

When tweets don't age well; Chelsea Handler related

by Wtodd
Political Talk4 minutes ago
Wtodd 12/19 12:52 pm

Why are private school teachers paid less than public ones in LA?

by volod
O-T Lounge35 minutes ago
volod 232/19 12:52 pm
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