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Finished Lonesome Dove - Whats next?

by baseballcatch77
baseballcatch77 186/23 6:47 am
Tigertown in ATL

What are you reading?

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by Dubosed
Dubosed 5746/23 2:35 am

Justin Cronin’s “The Passage” trilogy

by Sir Drinksalot
Sir Drinksalot 56/23 2:32 am

Your Most Awaited Books

by STLDawg
STLDawg 36/21 9:09 pm
St Augustine

Just finished Shogun-Need help picking next book

by Tigertown in ATL
Tigertown in ATL 126/21 2:58 pm
Tigertown in ATL

Practical psychology books

by BurningHeart
BurningHeart 76/21 2:49 pm

Fahrenheit 451...

by madmaxvol
madmaxvol 76/20 3:47 pm

Your top 5 Stephen King books

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by LSUbase13
LSUbase13 386/20 3:41 pm

Favorite Haruki Murakami book?

by S
S66/20 1:43 pm

Last of the Mohicans worth reading?

by boxcarbarney
boxcarbarney 76/20 6:46 am

Any advice for better reading comprehension for audio books

by Lsujacket66
Lsujacket6686/19 6:13 am
Tigertown in ATL

Name a well-known book or books that you would not recommend

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by Ham And Glass
Ham And Glass 596/17 11:07 pm

Econ books

by AllbyMyRelf
AllbyMyRelf 126/15 10:55 pm

Thoughts on Farseer Trilogy?

by Kvothe
Kvothe146/15 6:16 pm

Wife Finally Convinced me to Read the Harry Potter series

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by sportsaddit68
sportsaddit68 276/13 2:55 pm

Reading Challenge 2018

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by Kvothe
Kvothe916/13 6:58 am
Big Chipper

Recommendation to help me get back into reading

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by Pussykat
Pussykat 286/10 8:06 pm

Fools and Mortals by Bernard Cornwell

by biglego
biglego 46/10 10:15 am

The Essex Serpant by Sarah Perry...anyone else read it?

by bayoubengals88
bayoubengals88 46/9 5:44 pm

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

by John Gotti
John Gotti 76/8 10:57 am
The Spleen

On the last book of Wheel of Time. Need recomendations

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by Heisman Burreux
Heisman Burreux556/7 2:32 pm

Iron Gold Discussion (Spoilers)

by SetTheMood
SetTheMood 186/7 11:18 am

Books by Sarah Maas...Any of you guys admit to reading them?

by ShrevetownTiger
ShrevetownTiger 46/6 6:17 am

Pulitzer Prize for Novels/Fiction Winners

by Adajax
Adajax 36/5 8:52 am

Anyone read/listen to the Super Powereds books by Drew Hayes

by MSTiger33
MSTiger33 46/4 8:20 pm
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