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Heard on radio: apparently another Hunter laptop has been discovered

by Eli Goldfinger comments7
Eli Goldfinger 71/30 9:13 am

Lauren Boebert responds to Maxine Waters

by WPBTiger comments5
WPBTiger 51/30 9:13 am

The most secure document in Washington, D.C. is the Jeffrey Epstein Client list.

by Timeoday comments8
Timeoday 81/30 9:12 am

If my biologically female wife comes home and identifies as a male

by Timeoday comments12
Timeoday 121/30 9:11 am

I'd be interested to hear everyone's opinions of a national sales tax...

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by slaughlin comments109
slaughlin 1091/30 9:10 am

Haha, Elon Tweeted this.

by GumboPot comments2
GumboPot 21/30 9:09 am

Biden cover-up is in full swing

by djmed comments8
djmed 81/30 9:08 am

Was Russia Promised that Nato Wouldnt Expand to the East on inch?

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by RoosterCogburn585 comments24
RoosterCogburn585 241/30 9:07 am

Russian officials are blaming USA for SARS-CoV-2

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by YankeeBama comments30
YankeeBama 301/30 9:06 am

Is Trump "owed" the nomination?

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by burger bearcat comments28
burger bearcat 281/30 9:04 am
El Segundo Guy

Ilhan Omar

by Lynxrufus2012 comments18
Lynxrufus2012 181/30 9:02 am

Trump releases midnight statement: says he made a globalist the Governor of Florida

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by HailHailtoMichigan! comments65
HailHailtoMichigan! 651/30 9:00 am

Utah becomes the 1st U.S. state in 2023 to ban "gender-affirming-care" for minors

by the_truman_shitshow comments2
the_truman_shitshow21/30 8:59 am

First, they denied Jesus. Next, they derided Him. Now, they are perverting His name.

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by the_truman_shitshow comments25
the_truman_shitshow251/30 8:57 am

Groomers are winning, woman claims to be “transcanine” to rationalize beastia…

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by Between TheHedges comments52
Between TheHedges 521/30 8:55 am

Woke, White, Democrat protestors saying that Jesus was Trans

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by ZIGG comments36
ZIGG361/30 8:51 am

I have personally started a lawsuit...

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by The_Big_Sib comments127
The_Big_Sib1271/30 8:44 am

Comparing Malls from Manila to Alabama and Minnesota

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by Tigerhalen comments66
Tigerhalen 661/30 8:37 am

Beanz: Many State reps were hesitant to attend Trump rally last night and many didn’t

by Bobby OG Johnson comments13
Bobby OG Johnson 131/30 8:37 am

Trump goes after DeSantis again.

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by Cajunese comments132
Cajunese 1321/30 8:34 am
Lou Pai

Do the vast majority of leftist principles

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by RoosterCogburn585 comments31
RoosterCogburn585 311/30 8:28 am

Finland introduces firs trans figure skater

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by anc comments38
anc381/30 8:27 am

“Jesus was a refugee”

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by RollTide1987 comments111
RollTide1987 1111/30 8:25 am

SAT Math scores by race

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by CAPEX comments64
CAPEX641/30 8:23 am

Why US establishment politicians are sending equipment, and $100+ billions to Ukraine.

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by GumboPot comments24
GumboPot 241/30 8:23 am

Did Ukraine bomb Iran? Iran summons Ukraine’s envoy over drone attack comments

by GhostOfFreedom comments5
GhostOfFreedom 51/30 8:22 am

Action shot of Trump draining swamp

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by I B Freeman comments40
I B Freeman401/30 8:21 am

Pentagon Raiding Arms Stockpiles in Israel and South Korea to Supply Ukraine

by Placekicker comments18
Placekicker 181/30 8:14 am

Were the Memphis cops members of the "Vice Lords" gang?

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by LookSquirrel comments75
LookSquirrel751/30 7:57 am

Elon Musk Has Updated The Hitler Little Golden Book Meme

by LuckyTiger comments0
LuckyTiger 01/30 7:56 am
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