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Murder On The Orient Express currently at 66% on RottenTomatoes

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by GetCocky11
GetCocky11 2211/6 8:24 pm

Disney attempting to buy 21st Century Fox

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by BilJ
BilJ 3011/6 5:07 pm
Fewer Kilometers

New Star Wars: The Last Jedi' International Poster

RLDSC FAN 511/6 1:18 pm

Can anyone here recite the Canadian alphabet without cheating?

by Fox Mulder
Fox Mulder 1311/6 11:57 am
Brosef Stalin

The Girlfriend Experience

by LSU6262
LSU6262 711/6 10:58 am

Are they going to continue with the Dark Universe movies?

by nicholastiger
nicholastiger 411/6 10:49 am

SWAT reboot on CBS

by Lawyered
Lawyered 1211/6 10:44 am

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is leaving Netflix in December

by Byron Bojangles III
Byron Bojangles III 1011/6 10:19 am
Byron Bojangles III

Murder on the Orient Express

by Wooly
Wooly 1811/6 9:49 am

Who was the main character in The Office?

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by weagle99
weagle99 2111/6 9:44 am

Fantasy Movie League

by The Godfather
The Godfather 1011/6 9:18 am
The Godfather

Anyone rewatch Miami Vice 80s series?

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by Havoc
Havoc 2311/5 11:20 pm

Ron Howard reportedly re-shot a majority of "Solo"

by sicboy
sicboy 1211/5 9:22 pm

Blade Runner 2049 spoilers discussion

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by Draconian Sanctions
Draconian Sanctions 15211/5 9:05 pm

Anyone here watch The Wire?

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by TDcline
TDcline3211/5 7:09 pm
Ace Midnight

Outlander season 3(spoilers)

by gatorprincess815
gatorprincess815 011/5 6:24 pm

Big Brother 19 - Season Long Thread

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by GEAUXmedic
GEAUXmedic 1013511/5 5:50 pm

Have we ever done an extensive "rank all the comic book movies" thread

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by 3nOut
3nOut 6811/5 3:20 pm

Kevin Spacey fired from House of Cards, will not appear in Season Six

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by RollTide1987
RollTide1987 2511/5 1:50 pm
Zap Rowsdower

Interviewed a young Actress Today, saw just how these Weinstein-types operate

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by Jack Ruby
Jack Ruby2211/5 11:59 am

Thor Ragnarok No Spoilers Reviews

by BilJ
BilJ 1311/5 12:22 am

Palm Swings - A movie about swingers (what could go wrong?)

by finchmeister08
finchmeister08 1111/4 4:10 pm
Fewer Kilometers

Where did Barry Seale live in Baton Rouge?

by Chipand2Putts
Chipand2Putts1111/4 2:40 pm
Red Drum

Only The Brave is the movie Wahlberg has been trying to make for about a decade now...

by Jack Ruby
Jack Ruby711/4 1:17 pm

Annual Hell's Kitchen best contestants thread

by The Egg
The Egg 511/4 11:56 am
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