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JGL defends TLJ

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by Fewer Kilometers
Fewer Kilometers 221/18 12:17 pm
Jor Jor The Dinosaur

Just finished a Breaking Bad re watch (Spoilers)

by Groovie
Groovie 181/18 11:50 am
Ham Solo

Anybody else have a thing for Draco Malfoy's mom?

by blueboy
blueboy 131/18 7:00 am

Friday Night Lights (the movie)

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by Tigereye10005
Tigereye10005 241/18 11:02 am

It finally clicked; TLJ was the same thing as the new Ghostbusters movie

by CAD703X
CAD703X 51/18 12:17 pm

I wonder what Randal and Dante are up to these days

by Rouge
Rouge 181/18 12:11 pm

First Photo of Zac Efron as Ted Bundy in ‘Extremely Wicked’

RLDSC FAN 131/17 8:48 pm

Debbie Gallagher is one of the worst TV characters ever.

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by AlbertMeansWell
AlbertMeansWell 211/17 8:13 pm

Binge list narrowed down...please pick 1, 1a and 1b for me...TIA!

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by Big Scrub TX
Big Scrub TX 221/18 6:21 am

Hap & Leonard

by tigertown79
tigertown79 41/18 10:16 am
Rowdy Roscoe

Thomas Shelby v Ray Donovan

by Tvilletiger
Tvilletiger 71/18 9:36 am

Favorite movies of 2017?

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by JustinBRLA
JustinBRLA 201/18 11:39 am
Big Lesticles

Get Out best pic of the year?

by Big Lesticles
Big Lesticles 191/18 1:11 am

Too Funny To Fail

by Baloo
Baloo 61/17 4:15 pm

Fargo series - SPOILERS

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by lsufanintexas
lsufanintexas 211/17 9:07 pm

Netflix pulling family guy?

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by Wooly
Wooly 231/17 1:46 pm
Fewer Kilometers

some cities ending contract with live pd

by L1C4
L1C4 61/17 1:29 pm
Box Geauxrilla

The Last Jedi - The De-Feminized Cut

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by Jor Jor The Dinosaur
Jor Jor The Dinosaur 391/16 9:30 pm

The Crown - netflix

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by Gorilla Ball
Gorilla Ball 211/17 4:56 pm
Geaux Piggins Geaux

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Anyone else think this is a crazy awesome movie

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by Fox Mulder
Fox Mulder 231/17 2:45 pm
Fewer Kilometers

treasures from the wreck of the unbelievable

by BoogahEatah
BoogahEatah 41/17 5:07 pm

"IT" Official Alternate Opening

by Byron Bojangles III
Byron Bojangles III 31/16 1:38 pm

Watching "The Sopranos" on Amazon Prime

by Tchefuncte Tiger
Tchefuncte Tiger151/16 10:29 pm

Creed 2: Drago's son has been cast

by Byron Bojangles III
Byron Bojangles III 91/16 1:38 pm
Uncle Gunnysack

One of the best movies of 2017.....Columbus.

by PhilipMarlowe
PhilipMarlowe 51/16 7:01 pm
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