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Top Gun: Maverick — just want to reiterate how…

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by CocomoLSU comments46
CocomoLSU 4610/4 8:29 am
Aubie Spr96

Finally watching The Wire

by A Menace to Sobriety comments18
A Menace to Sobriety 1810/3 9:48 pm

Best Return/Redemption Story

by skrayper comments5
skrayper 510/4 6:07 am

The Sopranos

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by GeauxTigahs92 comments26
GeauxTigahs92 2610/4 8:35 am

Doing a rewatch of band of brothers now that it’s on Netflix

by Hawgnsincebirth55 comments1
Hawgnsincebirth55 110/3 8:36 pm

The Sinner w/Bill Pullman

by RonLaFlamme comments4
RonLaFlamme 410/3 9:15 pm
Scuttle Buttin

60 Minutes: Sam Bankman-Fried

by NolaLovingClemsonFan comments12
NolaLovingClemsonFan1210/4 8:36 am
Triple Bogey

'Silent Night' Trailer | New action film from John Woo

by RLDSC FAN comments10
RLDSC FAN 1010/4 8:14 am

Midnight Mass

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by geauxnavybeatbama comments21
geauxnavybeatbama 2110/3 11:24 pm

Favorite Saturday Night Live Character

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by STigers comments36
STigers 3610/3 10:12 pm

Some friends rent a castle airbnb in Ireland, Monty Python epicness ensues

by hawgfaninc comments2
hawgfaninc 210/3 2:23 pm
This GUN for HIRE

The Gold - Paramount+

by msap9020 comments1
msap9020 110/3 12:23 pm

Viggo Mortensen in Appaloosa

by smash williams comments13
smash williams1310/3 7:27 pm
smash williams

Ahsoka Season 1 Episode 8 Discussion Thread

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by TigerFanatic99 comments73
TigerFanatic99 7310/4 8:12 am

The Creator flopped.

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by rebelrouser comments33
rebelrouser3310/4 8:37 am

Indiana State Museum has an Interstellar showtime for IMAX... December 2nd, 3:30pm...

by finchmeister08 comments6
finchmeister08 610/3 10:00 am

Love is Blind - Netflix

by BabyTac comments8
BabyTac 810/3 11:40 am

How do you stay aware of new movie releases?

by Thundercles comments10
Thundercles 1010/3 3:46 pm

Must see shows and movies on Brit Box

by hey benji comments10
hey benji 1010/3 12:40 pm
Day Wisher

'Leave the World Behind' Trailer | Julia Roberts, Mahershala Ali | Netflix

by RLDSC FAN comments11
RLDSC FAN 1110/2 9:52 pm

Damn great movie, free on Youtube

by Harry Rex Vonner comments5
Harry Rex Vonner 510/2 7:54 pm

The Acolyte trailer has leaked online

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by Proximo comments68
Proximo 6810/3 10:25 pm

October Dishscapes

by Billy Blanks comments0
Billy Blanks 010/2 9:25 am
Billy Blanks

Best Movie Posters

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by STigers comments47
STigers 4710/2 11:41 am

Julie Andrews turns 88 today...

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by RollTide1987 comments25
RollTide1987 2510/2 2:42 pm
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