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LA Rams—Ram It

by JOJO Hammer comments4
JOJO Hammer41/11 7:35 am

Kwon Alexander Appreciation Thread

by oVo comments9
oVo 91/11 7:33 am
Weekend Warrior79

If, and a very big if, CSP goes to Chicageaux

(Page 1 2)
by HoldenCaufield44 comments29
HoldenCaufield44 291/11 4:08 am

Taysom's injury requires surgery, would've been Trevor at QB had Saints made playoffs

(Page 1 2)
by rt3 comments21
rt3 211/10 11:55 pm

Do the Saints make a move for a franchise QB this off-season?

(Page 1 2)
by tiger perry comments33
tiger perry 331/10 10:44 pm

Saints weathered adversity in 2021, competitive to the end. Article from AP writer.

by hellsu comments2
hellsu 21/10 10:17 pm
Ancient Astronaut

NFL = Still rigged(controlled)

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by Mr. Hangover comments22
Mr. Hangover 221/10 9:04 pm

Getting under the cap

by msstate7 comments10
msstate7 101/10 7:19 pm

Imagine being the morons claiming we should trade Thomas.

(Page 1 2)
by tigersquad89 comments38
tigersquad89 381/10 7:10 pm

Mike Zimmer fired from Vikings

by PhillyTiger90 comments13
PhillyTiger90 131/10 3:57 pm

Veteran Moves

by bearhc comments15
bearhc 151/10 3:52 pm
Weekend Warrior79

Who are the Saints losing on their staff ???

by saintlad74 comments4
saintlad74 41/10 3:33 pm

So what is the draft position now?

by Lgrnwd comments3
Lgrnwd31/10 7:33 pm

The Paulson Adebo pick was a truly incredible play

by DBG comments5
DBG 51/10 3:29 pm
ned nederlander

Defense during Dome Patrol era or defense from 2017-Present? Which was better?

by Cajunese comments2
Cajunese 21/10 2:51 pm

Russell Wilson?

by Ponchy Tiger comments13
Ponchy Tiger 131/10 7:05 pm

Saints 2022 Opponents

(Page 1 2)
by rt3 comments37
rt3 371/10 2:25 pm

So, are we all rooting for Bengals?

(Page 1 2)
by FenrirTheBeard comments36
FenrirTheBeard 361/10 2:19 pm
Tiger Live2

kenny pickett

by ssburas2005 comments12
ssburas2005 121/10 12:45 pm
Double Oh

Yesterday confirmed that Hill is not a Franchise QB

by Shuga4689 comments16
Shuga4689161/10 12:30 pm

Ceedy Duce needs to be a Saint for life

by DBG comments11
DBG 111/10 11:43 am

Taysom Hill is 7-2 as a starter

by chalmationnation comments15
chalmationnation151/10 11:16 am

Saints 2021 in a Nutshell....

by Dotarian comments8
Dotarian 81/10 10:43 am

Saints 30 @ Falcons 20 Final - FOX - SAINTS WIN!!! Rams lose. Great season Saints at 9-8 all things considered

rt3 9461/10 9:30 am

It sucks we're out, but doesn't feel as bad as losing due to a bad call

by Shuga4689 comments2
Shuga468921/10 9:01 am
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