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Saints history of getting rid of character issue guys that has tons of talent

by Louisianabound88 comments16
Louisianabound88 162/1 9:48 am

Do we go QB in the draft or do we go free agent QB?

by JRE1980 comments13
JRE1980132/1 9:27 am

Brady retiring

by msstate7 comments14
msstate7 142/1 8:18 am

Tanner McKee - Stanford. Thoughts?

by chambers538 comments7
chambers538 72/1 8:03 am
St Augustine

Derek carr trade update

by msstate7 comments19
msstate7 192/1 6:51 am

Why all the crying about a 3rd?

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by Townedrunkard comments31
Townedrunkard 312/1 6:12 am

Any chance Sean is taking Jeff Duncan with him?

by tigerbait3488 comments4
tigerbait3488 42/1 4:19 am

As a fan, would you be willing to completely tank ‘23 for 24?

(Page 1 2)
by Brightside Bengal comments38
Brightside Bengal 382/1 2:11 am

Broncos were trying to hire Demeco Ryans earlier today

by Lsuhoohoo comments15
Lsuhoohoo 151/31 11:30 pm

Who makes the playoffs first? Broncos or Saints?

by headboard banger comments10
headboard banger 101/31 11:14 pm

Get ready to lose Khai Harley and Jeff Ireland

by LSUPilot07 comments19
LSUPilot07 191/31 9:37 pm
Sauce Castieaux

Predict how long Payton's leash in Denver will be

by Stealth Matrix comments6
Stealth Matrix 61/31 8:46 pm
Kevin TheRant

Will Goodell and the NFL leave the Saints alone now that Sean is gone?

by LSUPilot07 comments11
LSUPilot07 111/31 8:29 pm

The market wasn’t there for Sean Payton

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by DBG comments31
DBG 311/31 8:25 pm

Loomis continues to be the WOAT with trades.

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by The Hurricane comments40
The Hurricane 401/31 8:17 pm

For those of you that think trading the third wasn't a big deal

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by whatiknowsofar comments50
whatiknowsofar 501/31 7:41 pm

What defines a successful season IYO

by St Jean The Baptiste comments6
St Jean The Baptiste 61/31 7:26 pm

Sean Payton is Mike McCarthy with a better personality and PR team

by Townedrunkard comments1
Townedrunkard 11/31 7:26 pm

So basically all we get is 1 extra pick for Payton

by moock blackjack comments4
moock blackjack 41/31 7:22 pm
moock blackjack

Trying to catch up with ST after shutting down work this evening has been difficult...

by drizztiger comments4
drizztiger 41/31 7:01 pm

Is there reason to get excited about the 2023 season?

(Page 1 2)
by St Jean The Baptiste comments20
St Jean The Baptiste 201/31 6:59 pm

I’m calling it right now

by St Jean The Baptiste comments2
St Jean The Baptiste 21/31 6:52 pm

Sean Payton on Fox pregame wearing an ORANGE tie and pocket square-- hmmm...

by BRich comments13
BRich131/31 6:48 pm

Back in the draft! So which toolsy oft-injured DE do we overdraft at 29?

by Lsuhoohoo comments14
Lsuhoohoo 141/31 6:25 pm

Anthony Richardson

(Page 1 2)
by msstate7 comments23
msstate7 231/31 5:58 pm
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