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Thank baby Jesus we did not get Watson.

by MaxxPain2 comments14
MaxxPain2 145/18 7:54 pm

Jarvis Landry's contract released

by GMoney2600 comments3
GMoney2600 35/18 7:31 pm

Do you take Beckham to play half a season on home town discount?

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by BlackTiger89 comments26
BlackTiger89265/18 4:30 pm

Alontae Taylor Highlights honestly have got me pretty excited

by AlabamasSalaryCap comments10
AlabamasSalaryCap 105/18 9:41 am
Vacherie Saint

Ndamukong Suh

(Page 1 2)
by BadatBourre comments23
BadatBourre 235/18 10:53 am

Drew was 10 years younger when Payton was suspended but he did throw for 5100+ yards..

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by Blutarsky comments26
Blutarsky 265/18 3:18 am

Season tickets

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by diat150 comments21
diat150 215/18 2:49 pm

Brees took one look at the Saints receivers and said “I’m back!”

(Page 1 2)
by MaroonMonsoon comments31
MaroonMonsoon 315/16 9:29 pm

Saints offense has a lot of shiny toys , How abut one more. A dual purpose Tight End

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by Sasquatch45 comments23
Sasquatch45235/18 2:56 pm
Vacherie Saint

Did yall forget that Drew was a top 10 qb in 2020?

(Page 1 2)
by whatiknowsofar comments24
whatiknowsofar 245/16 8:03 pm

Did Brees have another shoulder surgery?

by boudinman comments16
boudinman165/16 2:38 pm

SIAP Drew's Instagram post

by SidewalkTiger comments17
SidewalkTiger 175/18 3:20 pm

Brees out at NBC after 1 year.

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by tigersquad89 comments58
tigersquad89 585/16 8:57 am

Brees says he may play football again this season.

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by tigersquad89 comments32
tigersquad89 325/16 8:31 pm

TM7 talks about Chiefs divorce and future

by burke985 comments9
burke985 95/17 9:48 pm

Drew To the New Orleans

by Sasquatch45 comments7
Sasquatch4575/16 3:09 pm
Sauce Castieaux

Thomas takes Olave under his wing

(Page 1 2)
by Bayou Brat comments21
Bayou Brat215/16 5:27 pm

Krull TE

by JRE1980 comments15
JRE1980155/17 3:15 pm

Let’s say Drew can throw the ball 50 yards now. Do you take him over Winston w/ our WR’s

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by LSUPilot07 comments20
LSUPilot07 205/16 1:49 pm

Just in case Drew reads Saints Talk

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by Patfic15 comments54
Patfic15 545/18 4:33 pm

Jordan Jackson question

by shadyshane1986 comments7
shadyshane1986 75/15 1:14 pm

Do the saints only play one preseason game?

by CaliTigerHB comments5
CaliTigerHB 55/15 9:30 pm

Level of Talent Tyrann Mathieu played against....

(Page 1 2)
by JRE1980 comments27
JRE1980275/18 2:59 pm
Ed Osteen

Perfect Example of Jarvis Landry’s Leadership

by oncealurker comments3
oncealurker 35/14 12:39 pm

Odell Tweets after Jarvis Signing: “Take me Home…”

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by oncealurker comments31
oncealurker 315/18 7:27 am
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