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Jerruhh Jones

by WhoGeaux comments3
WhoGeaux 31/22 8:45 pm
Ancient Astronaut

Amount of Change a GREAT QB can make

by JRE1980 comments5
JRE198051/22 8:14 pm

Dear Pete Carmichael.....

by saintlad74 comments2
saintlad74 21/22 6:33 pm

Announcers for the Philly game making fun of the CGJ trade

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by LSUPilot07 comments38
LSUPilot07 381/22 6:22 pm

Derek carr trade value

(Page 1 2)
by msstate7 comments31
msstate7 311/22 4:36 pm

Previewing Saints free agency: Breaking down the 'must-signs' and 'let 'em walks'

by hellsu comments16
hellsu 161/22 3:43 pm

After learning that Pete and Dennis are returning, Saints fan enters tTransfer portal

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by S comments21
S211/22 12:51 pm

Quarterback Wishlist

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by JRE1980 comments23
JRE1980231/22 12:36 pm

4 years ago today, the No-Call

(Page 1 2)
by karmew32 comments38
karmew32 381/22 7:31 am

Russell Wilson has contacted CSP; "He knows he needs fixing"

(Page 1 2)
by Chad504boy comments24
Chad504boy241/21 10:47 pm

Watching Chiefs vs. Jags and can’t help but laugh

by Damone comments14
Damone 141/21 7:49 pm
Got Blaze

This draft sucks

(Page 1 2 3)
by DBG comments48
DBG 481/21 7:03 pm

Ref whole ruled Olave’s catch Incomplete

by Ancient Astronaut comments1
Ancient Astronaut 11/21 6:48 pm

Chad Henne, should we trade for?

by whodat22 comments7
whodat2271/21 6:06 pm

Saints owner Gayle Benson went directly to Roger Goodell to rescind fake injury fine

by hellsu comments12
hellsu 121/21 4:33 pm

Sounds like benson went scorched earth

by nicholastiger comments19
nicholastiger 191/21 4:28 pm
ned nederlander

The Saints were dead last in pre-snap motion on offense

by LSUPilot07 comments10
LSUPilot07 101/21 4:11 pm

Since Saints are going status quo with offensive staff and Dalton still the QB

by nicholastiger comments14
nicholastiger 141/21 1:45 pm
Irish Knuckles

What playoff caliber QB could the Saints realistically get for next year?

by LAS comments19
LAS191/21 12:45 pm

We should bring in Nathan Peterman as the starting QB

by Fun Bunch comments8
Fun Bunch 81/21 10:37 am

Offensive identity and the draft

by msstate7 comments10
msstate7 101/21 10:12 am

Playoff Rooting Intrests

by BattinRouge11 comments17
BattinRouge11 171/21 9:13 am
St Augustine

We were set to trade the farm for Watson, so why not Lamar?

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by LSUZombie comments45
LSUZombie 451/20 3:46 pm

Why have we not seen Pete Carmichael get fired yet?

(Page 1 2)
by whatiknowsofar comments24
whatiknowsofar 241/20 1:22 pm

N/S: Tampa Bay fires Leftwich, more to follow

by LSUZombie comments5
LSUZombie 51/20 12:51 pm
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