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I’m so sick of the racism in this country

by ZOU
ZOU 312/11 2:48 am
Vacherie Saint

David Frum--the mistakes are why you should trust the media

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by 88Wildcat
88Wildcat 2912/11 2:38 am

Woman Who Streamed Hate Crime Attack of Disabled Trump Supporter Gets 4 Years Probatation

by L.A.
L.A. 812/11 12:36 am

Lol. Luis Gutierrez is leaving Congress after paying his wife 400k from campaign funds

by CptBengal
CptBengal 1512/11 1:31 am

Jones Facebook ad shows how to write-in Nick Saban.

by autauga
autauga 1112/11 3:31 am

Megyn Kelly having the trump accusers on her show tomorrow.....pathetic

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by HailHailtoMichigan!
HailHailtoMichigan! 5512/11 3:26 am

Do conservative men owe liberal women an apology?

by cokebottleag
cokebottleag 1712/10 10:43 pm

Pathologist quits; alleges Sheriff ordered changes in autopsies to protect LEO

by SlowFlowPro
SlowFlowPro 812/10 10:13 pm

Did we ever get the Hannity "boom"

by matthew25
matthew25 1112/11 1:58 am

Just saw a black man come in a Bed Bath and Beyond and started

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by ApexTiger
ApexTiger 2312/10 11:12 pm

Alexa is a SJW lol!

by Duzz
Duzz 1012/10 11:01 pm

The Franken Maneuver

by FlatLakeTiger
FlatLakeTiger 1412/10 11:30 pm

Even the left fears the sexual revolution might have gone too far

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by Revelator
Revelator4012/10 11:32 pm
Lou the Jew from LSU

Alabama has the worst poverty in the developed world!

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by WeeWee
WeeWee 10412/11 1:12 am

GQ: Have You Heard the One About the Clinton-Soros Plot to Overthrow Trump?

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by ThinePreparedAni
ThinePreparedAni 2812/10 10:07 pm

Marco Rubio warns of 'difficult' situation if Senate tries to expel a victorious Roy Moore

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by OleWarSkuleAlum
OleWarSkuleAlum 3112/10 9:43 pm
Sid in Lakeshore

White Athletes Still Standing For The Anthem Are Standing For White Supremacy

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by mountaintop
mountaintop3712/10 9:52 pm
Vacherie Saint

Just saw a great interview on

by Phil2012
Phil2012 1012/10 6:39 pm

Democrat playing the race card in Roy Moore election

by L.A.
L.A. 1412/10 7:04 pm

WSJ reporter: watergate journalism much more professional than russia journalism

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by HailHailtoMichigan!
HailHailtoMichigan! 2212/11 2:46 am

Before ethics probe of Moore, release names

by zeebo
zeebo 1212/10 8:44 pm

California "wildfires"

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by Govt Tide
Govt Tide3012/10 6:44 pm

Is Jimmy Leblanc, DOC Secretary, a cancer to Louisana?

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by Lutcher Lad
Lutcher Lad 2012/10 6:04 pm

Kind of Political Since This is FLOTUS Agenda #KeatonJones

by MrLarson
MrLarson 1312/10 3:05 pm

those who chose to let JBE win because vitter had an afair and wasnt an "honorable" man

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by keakar
keakar8912/10 9:50 pm

We need more legislators like this in D.C.

by tigerpawl
tigerpawl 1812/10 3:14 pm

Bobby Jindal could be elected Governor again IF he commits to these things--

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by I B Freeman
I B Freeman5512/10 11:38 pm

Trump went golfing yesterday driving up the yearly tax payer expenses to $86 million

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by Pbhog
Pbhog 3712/10 2:11 pm

Trump and the Rapture

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by Big12fan
Big12fan 2912/10 1:41 pm

To the Anti-trumps on this board

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by prplhze2000
prplhze2000 10512/10 6:55 pm
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