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The New TD Store Is Having A Black Friday Sale!

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by Chicken
Chicken 4911/27 5:24 pm
Jugular Joe

Mark Levin

by hondo
hondo 611/2 8:48 pm

Why is Biden’s overt pedophilia tendencies not a bigger issue?

by VerbalKint
VerbalKint 1211/2 8:48 pm

Signs All Over Uptown Nola

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by Federal Tiger
Federal Tiger 3411/2 8:47 pm

Why is Biden always kneeling?

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by Seldom Seen
Seldom Seen 2811/2 8:45 pm

Senate race updates/feelings?

by marinebioman
marinebioman 911/2 8:44 pm
Lou Pai

How long will Pennsylvania be left in limbo?

by Lsuhoohoo
Lsuhoohoo 711/2 8:44 pm

If President Trump is reelected does the campaign shift focus

by CGSC Lobotomy
CGSC Lobotomy 311/2 8:37 pm

Young White Male Early Vote

by NCAAFootballGenius
NCAAFootballGenius 111/2 8:36 pm

Last Presidential Election: this site was brilliant

by real turf fan
real turf fan 1511/2 8:35 pm

Joe Biden, et al Election Day Get Out The Vote Schedule

by MrLSU
MrLSU 711/2 8:35 pm

The Red Mirage

by OMLandshark
OMLandshark 1411/2 8:35 pm

Snopes Finds Biden's Claim of Mobilizing trunalimunumaprzure, most true

by blueridgeTiger
blueridgeTiger 211/2 8:35 pm

Election 2020 - House

by TimeOutdoors
TimeOutdoors 1311/2 8:34 pm
CockyDawg MD

Trafalgar hit the nail on extended PA voting

by Pisco
Pisco 011/2 8:34 pm

Trump 2024

by Pigfeet
Pigfeet311/2 8:34 pm

What happens if each candidate receives 269 electoral votes?

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by LC412000
LC412000 3211/2 8:33 pm

If the Dems think Hillary beat Trump in 2016

by VA LSU fan
VA LSU fan 911/2 8:33 pm

The MSM knows

by Skip Winkman
Skip Winkman 011/2 8:33 pm
Skip Winkman

Joe Biden Ads on Pandora.

by TigerCrude
TigerCrude 1011/2 8:32 pm

Guns lubed up?

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by nsudemon10
nsudemon10 4811/2 8:32 pm
Bristol Dawg

I just secured a MAGA vote in Pennsylvania - can y'all match in ANY swing state?

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by JPinLondon
JPinLondon 3711/2 8:27 pm
Bristol Dawg

How confident are we in Michigan?

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by Eli Goldfinger
Eli Goldfinger 2211/2 8:27 pm

How does the secret service check all these rally attendees?

by flyAU
flyAU 1011/2 8:27 pm

Lady gag gag is on cspan!!!!

by L1C4
L1C4 1711/2 8:26 pm

What's your surprise state for tomorrow?

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by CuseTiger
CuseTiger 3411/2 8:26 pm

I feel like I have seen this episode before 4 years ago

by stout
stout 711/2 8:25 pm

239,822 African American voters over the age of 65 have already voted in Georgia.

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by HogBalls
HogBalls 8611/2 8:25 pm

Trump takes the Polling Lead in GA on RealClear Avg

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by rds dc
rds dc2011/2 8:22 pm

Twitter flagged this tweet by DJT as misinformation

by Diseasefreeforall
Diseasefreeforall 911/2 8:22 pm

Trump campaign has the best Wifi passwords for the press

by stout
stout 1711/2 8:21 pm
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