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Obama or Trump?

by Nguyener
Nguyener 612/9 12:39 am

Conservatives getting back to historical interpretation of 2A

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by bmy
bmy5712/9 12:17 am

Shreveport elects 32 year old Adrian Perkins (D) as mayor

by Lsuhoohoo
Lsuhoohoo 1112/8 11:22 pm

Why did the state GOP start rimming Jon Bel?

by Strannix
Strannix 812/8 11:02 pm
Dead End

Democrats are talking about what Comey said in his testimony...pathetic

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by Bunyan
Bunyan 2412/8 10:32 pm

The entire “Cohen campaign finance violation” is a joke

by Strannix
Strannix 1712/8 10:03 pm


by RemyLeBeau
RemyLeBeau 012/8 9:34 pm

Our President Tweets About Da Nang Dick

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by AUstar
AUstar 4212/8 9:29 pm

Deep State one World government Theory (Conspiracy Thread)

by HottyToddy7
HottyToddy7 1712/8 9:29 pm

Comey admits dossier not verified before, or after, FISA warrant

by Bunyan
Bunyan 1512/8 9:21 pm

Matt Whitaker For Chief of Staff?

by DyeHardDylan
DyeHardDylan 612/8 9:11 pm

James Comey :

by DreauxB2015
DreauxB2015 1212/8 9:02 pm

Comey's Transcript from his deposition 12-7-18

by cajunangelle
cajunangelle 1912/8 8:45 pm
Robin Masters

France Today: 1st Hand Account

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by KirkLazarus
KirkLazarus 2012/8 8:08 pm

The Univision Anchor that Tucker Carlson always brings on constantly owns him.

by Giantkiller
Giantkiller 1912/8 7:36 pm

The frogs have woken up.

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by CptBengal
CptBengal 4112/8 7:17 pm

What’s the difference between congress members

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by Lsujacket66
Lsujacket662312/8 7:08 pm
Bass Tiger

Collaboration to save the West's forests

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by TejasHorn
TejasHorn 4112/8 7:08 pm

Orange man, orange car... what's the difference?

by CptBengal
CptBengal 412/8 6:26 pm
saint tiger225

It's pretty obvious why Macron wants an EU army now.... isn't it?

by CptBengal
CptBengal 1112/8 6:11 pm
Lima Whiskey

Trump says John Kelly will be leaving at the end of the year

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by CommoDawg
CommoDawg 3112/8 5:20 pm

Gaetz “Republican Leadership Did Not Want Us to Get to the Bottom of the Facts”

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by Jjdoc
Jjdoc 2412/8 4:47 pm

Louisiana folks, don't forget there's an election runoff today for Secretary of State

by Sentrius
Sentrius 1412/8 4:20 pm

What democrats will run for President in 2020?

by MuricanRavioli
MuricanRavioli612/8 3:50 pm

Will Macron survive the French tax revolution?

by Northwestern tiger
Northwestern tiger 1312/8 3:43 pm

Did Honest Bob get heem?

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by thelawnwranglers
thelawnwranglers 2112/8 3:42 pm

Egregious misreporting/misreading of Mueller’s memo on Cohen

by HailHailtoMichigan!
HailHailtoMichigan! 012/8 3:34 pm

What happens at the border when the next Dem prez is sworn in?

by BobBoucher
BobBoucher 1612/8 2:29 pm

CNN: Trump heads to Army-Navy Game amid Mueller implications

by GooseSix
GooseSix 712/8 2:24 pm

Saturday Morning Fun: a pictorial expression of 1st Ladies

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by Floating Change Up
Floating Change Up 3112/8 2:23 pm
Cheese Grits
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