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Faulkner Focus Today

by TigerBogue comments11
TigerBogue 112/26 2:59 pm

Ronna is stepping down!

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by BCreed1 comments53
BCreed1 532/26 2:50 pm

Alvin Bragg demands Trump be silenced with gag order in business records case

by WPBTiger comments2
WPBTiger 22/26 2:49 pm

"I could not in good conscience vote against impeachment...

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by stout comments22
stout 222/26 2:45 pm

Ronna McDaniel is gone

by beebefootballfan comments15
beebefootballfan152/26 2:41 pm

The Audacity: Trump has Alzheimer’s…

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by Laugh More comments49
Laugh More492/26 2:31 pm

FBI’s LockBit Takedown Postponed a Ticking Time Bomb in Fulton County, Ga.

by loogaroo comments8
loogaroo 82/26 1:46 pm

Illegal migrant entering the U.S. border says illegal crossing are out of control

by RaoulDuke504 comments7
RaoulDuke50472/26 1:23 pm

Who had Tulsi Gabbard becoming a full on Trump supporter on their bingo card?

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by dgnx6 comments60
dgnx6 602/26 1:12 pm

Trans athlete at center of high school girls’ basketball game forfeit

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by L.A. comments69
L.A. 692/26 1:11 pm

Cancelled Ukraine Elections for 3 years now. Victoria Nuland wants more money for Ukraine

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by cajunangelle comments28
cajunangelle 282/26 1:00 pm

As a toxic male, I have had enough...

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by Jax-Tiger comments21
Jax-Tiger 212/26 12:56 pm

Who is bought and who is paid for? Open secrets dot com tells us.

by roadGator comments19
roadGator 192/26 12:15 pm

US State Dept. Issues NewSpeak Guidelines on Acceptable Language

by VoxDawg comments18
VoxDawg 182/26 11:58 am
Pax Regis

Nikki Haley Humiliated

by FLTech comments4
FLTech 42/26 11:51 am

American couple feared dead after yacht possibly stolen by escaped prisoners?

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by Night Vision comments29
Night Vision 292/26 11:40 am

Could Biden’s Support for Israel Harm is Re-Election Chances?

by ragincajun03 comments11
ragincajun03 112/26 11:36 am

MS peeps, please get the word out on the upcoming senate race

by Civildawg comments1
Civildawg 12/26 11:32 am

What's the board's opinion of Sen. Mike Braun (IN-R)?

by finchmeister08 comments12
finchmeister08 122/26 11:32 am

As a Trump supporter there is no way in hell I vote for Nikki.

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by guy4lsu comments67
guy4lsu 672/26 11:24 am
Don Quixote

Received my canned response to my email to Senator Kennedy

by newmexicotiger comments6
newmexicotiger62/26 11:23 am

What do you choose?

by SlidellCajun comments5
SlidellCajun 52/26 10:56 am
Green Chili Tiger

Here’s John Kennedy’s D.C. Number…

by OGTiger comments18
OGTiger 182/26 10:46 am

Democrat-led city sues oil companies for causing climate change

by djmed comments7
djmed 72/26 10:41 am

Hungary drops final objection to Sweden's NATO membership

by Indefatigable comments0
Indefatigable02/26 10:19 am

Want to ride a YangWang for $236K?

by NC_Tigah comments17
NC_Tigah 172/26 10:10 am

A great explanation of the uniparty as it relates to Haley losing support.

by lake chuck fan comments11
lake chuck fan 112/26 10:07 am

Chinese 'Disintegration Warfare’ Manifesto to Rip America Apart Using Drugs, Social Chaos

by BCreed1 comments8
BCreed1 82/26 10:07 am

This is the perfect example of todays woke progressive far Left.

by Geekboy comments10
Geekboy 102/26 9:47 am

In just a few years, the average retiree will be receiving 37% more in SS than he paid in

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by HailHailtoMichigan! comments226
HailHailtoMichigan! 2262/26 9:24 am
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