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Biden Corruption is now a "Fox News Conspiracy Theory" according to Sen. Chris Murphy

by boomtown143
boomtown143 61/25 11:43 am

Are CSpan callers

by idlewatcher
idlewatcher 61/25 11:27 am

He’s guilty!

by thebigmuffaletta
thebigmuffaletta111/25 12:54 pm

DU Eating Themselves Alive after Warren's Student Loan Confrontation.

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by RaginCajunz
RaginCajunz 431/25 11:15 am
Sid E Walker

Schiff: Obama Had a Duty to Investigate Candidate Trump

(Page 1 2)
by Jjdoc
Jjdoc 201/25 11:05 am
Spaceman Spiff

Nadler: Trump is a dictator

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by Ag Zwin
Ag Zwin 521/25 10:52 am
Vacherie Saint

Who else thinks that 2024 will be a good time..

by auggie
auggie 81/25 10:35 am

Thank goodness for Schiffty

by TomTheGhost
TomTheGhost 11/25 10:34 am

That was an arse raping. Dems are pure filth

by CAD703X
CAD703X 21/25 10:32 am
Good Times

GOP strong internal polling in New Jersey

by Strannix
Strannix 31/25 10:28 am

Donald Trump told the Republican Senators “Vote Against Me, You’re head will be on a pike!

(Page 1 2)
by Rebel
Rebel 341/25 10:16 am
Taxing Authority

Will the DNC throw some half assed support behind Bernie to get rid of him?

by StringedInstruments
StringedInstruments 71/25 10:13 am

Could Obama be called up as a witness?

by Northwestern tiger
Northwestern tiger 101/25 10:11 am

Truth is, not even most Democrats care about the Impeachment sham

PEPE31/25 10:02 am

would it be racist to stop issuing visas to the Chinese

by Trevaylin
Trevaylin 51/25 9:48 am

I Wonder if There Will be a Difference in TV Ratings Today...

by MississippiLSUfan
MississippiLSUfan 181/25 9:31 am

ABC News with a gotcha: Recording appears to capture Trump talking about firing ambassador

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by L.A.
L.A. 1311/25 9:30 am

CDC let’s get the cure for Corona Virus- then MAGA sell it to China for debt forgiveness

by Covingtontiger77
Covingtontiger77 81/25 9:26 am

Easier for Trump to beat Bernie or Biden?

(Page 1 2)
by Lsujacket66
Lsujacket66201/25 9:19 am

LOL: Warden in charge of Epstein prison put back on duty at new prison

by LSUTigersVCURams
LSUTigersVCURams 81/25 8:32 am

Should we trust China to contain the virus?

(Page 1 2)
by Tunasntigers92
Tunasntigers92 211/25 8:24 am

The Dims are so pathetically predictable....

by MMauler
MMauler131/25 8:04 am

out of boredome when/if WWIII eventually happens

(Page 1 2)
by BoomNation
BoomNation 291/25 8:04 am

The war on white people hits wall street

(Page 1 2 3)
by Placebeaux
Placebeaux 441/25 7:46 am

Those of you concern trolling for Bernie

by DavidTheGnome
DavidTheGnome51/25 7:19 am

Chinese central control. How to build a hospital quickly

by cajuncarguy
cajuncarguy121/25 6:28 am

Does Gabbard

by BuckyCheese
BuckyCheese 131/25 6:20 am

Minimum Wage Map 2020

(Page 1 2)
by Numberwang
Numberwang 361/25 5:51 am
Crimson Wraith

Graham is looking for 4 Senators to vote with him to keep Biden from testifying

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by Jjdoc
Jjdoc 721/25 5:27 am
Crimson Wraith

President Trump Presents the Newly Released Official Space Force Logo!

(Page 1 2 3)
by PhDoogan
PhDoogan 581/25 5:24 am
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