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The New TD Store Is Having A Black Friday Sale!

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by Chicken
Chicken 4711/27 5:11 pm

A reminder of what the pollsters, pundits and experts predicted in 2016 on election eve

by LSURussian
LSURussian 1211/2 7:33 pm

My Electoral Map Prediction

by TigerVespamon
TigerVespamon 1111/2 7:31 pm

Democrats colluding with CIA to launch intelligence operation that alters voting machines

by MrLSU
MrLSU 911/2 7:31 pm

Election Predictit thread

by PeteRose
PeteRose 911/2 7:30 pm

So which

by immobileman
immobileman 511/2 7:28 pm

Seems to be a lot of parallels bw British and American politics.

by purpleandgoldhaze
purpleandgoldhaze211/2 7:27 pm

Biden o/u 310.5 electoral votes

by beauxkner
beauxkner 1311/2 7:27 pm
LSU Patrick

Internal Polls

by GardenDistrictTiger
GardenDistrictTiger 1911/2 7:26 pm
Mid Iowa Tiger

Entire town of Dixville Notch, NH votes at 11pm CT

by LSUneaux
LSUneaux 1411/2 7:25 pm

Kids Had A Mock Draft Today At School

by pioneerbasketball
pioneerbasketball 311/2 7:22 pm

Trump hits 46% in RCP approval average tonight

by da prophet
da prophet 111/2 7:21 pm

Trump kicking arse in Maricopa County

by MrLSU
MrLSU 1211/2 7:21 pm
Fat Bastard

Temper your expectations

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by Big Scrub TX
Big Scrub TX 9111/2 8:35 pm

Obama didn’t win Georgia

by michael corleone
michael corleone 511/2 7:20 pm

My butthole is getting tight.

by Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick 411/2 7:24 pm
Pickle Rick

Casting my first vote ever tomorrow. Driving 4 hours.

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by _Hurricane_
_Hurricane_ 3411/2 7:17 pm

re: MSM - tonight is the night

by LSUneaux
LSUneaux 111/2 7:16 pm

The truest statement I’ve ever hear.

by Snipe
Snipe011/2 7:16 pm

Gary Johnson Voters

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by Sooner5030
Sooner5030 4911/2 7:12 pm

In Support of RSBN - YouTube

by ChasinTails
ChasinTails 711/2 7:12 pm

Democrats Are Losing Control of the Black Population

by BoarEd
BoarEd 311/2 7:23 pm

Michigan Gun Stores Cleaned Out Over Fears About Election Unrest

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by WPBTiger
WPBTiger 2211/2 7:03 pm

National guard deployed in Chicago. Kenosha companies boarded up

by uppermidwestbama
uppermidwestbama1211/2 7:00 pm

Remember tomorrow night it’s all about ratings g

by XenScott
XenScott 311/2 6:57 pm
LSU Patrick

“Mr. Vice President, my daddy is going to change the world”

by stout
stout 1611/2 6:56 pm
Bass Tiger

When does the 2020 Election board open up?

by Pelican fan99
Pelican fan99 811/2 6:55 pm

Anyone have a Rittenhouse update?

by LChama
LChama1211/2 6:54 pm

Lady Gaga's attendance at Biden's rally was so amazing...

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by iheartchimichangas
iheartchimichangas2611/2 6:54 pm

Trafalgar Dude Tonight

by LSU Patrick
LSU Patrick 1111/2 6:53 pm

Joe Biden: Implement nationwide mask mandates!

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by Seldom Seen
Seldom Seen 5511/2 6:53 pm
Y.A. Tittle
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