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If I were Trump I wouldn't run again I'd start a media company

by antibarner
antibarner 01/20 8:26 pm

Biden Plans to Run Again!

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by unotiger21
unotiger21 351/20 8:18 pm

For those needing some good laughs today: "Woke kids" react to inauguration day...

by Geaux Piggins Geaux
Geaux Piggins Geaux 111/20 8:16 pm
Christopher Columbo

I Feel China Joe Will Be Faced With Imminent International Crisis First Week

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by Catchfalaya
Catchfalaya 251/20 8:16 pm

I’m glad “our” sign has been returned after Biden’s “victory”

by arseinclarse
arseinclarse 171/20 8:16 pm

"Christians" who voted for Biden, you understand they are coming for you next right?

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by Kester514
Kester514 841/20 8:15 pm

Progressives avoiding MLK's most famous quote

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by crazyatthecamp
crazyatthecamp 351/20 8:14 pm

THE GREAT CLEANSING - State Legislatures up first.

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by Donnie 9 inch
Donnie 9 inch 301/20 8:13 pm

Who is joining me after all of this as an Independent?

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by SoloTiger
SoloTiger201/20 8:12 pm

Trump new NSA appointee appointed Michael Ellis placed on leave and is under investigation

by CrimsonFever
CrimsonFever81/20 8:00 pm

Trump never had to protect himself from American troops.

by TrueTiger
TrueTiger 61/20 7:59 pm

Post Q thread - VP Harris not moving into Naval Observatory??

by musick
musick 81/20 8:10 pm

The pipeline jobs lost suck. Just wait until the tax cuts are killed.

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by arseinclarse
arseinclarse 221/20 7:50 pm

And just like that Biden works his magic on the Southern Border!

by PhillyTiger90
PhillyTiger90 11/20 7:49 pm

Going to enjoy them loving Trump again when the next GOP person is president

by NashvilleTider
NashvilleTider 01/20 7:43 pm

Why have my student loans not been forgiven?

by LoneStar23
LoneStar23 51/20 7:43 pm

As much as I can’t stand Biden, I think his first official presidential photo suits him.

by FlexDawg
FlexDawg 11/20 7:42 pm

Lady Gaga announced who will be in the next Hunger Games

by RBTiger
RBTiger 01/20 7:40 pm

When Does Minimum Wage Start at $15/hr

by pioneerbasketball
pioneerbasketball 121/20 7:40 pm

WHO changes definition of a positive COVID case today

by cokebottleag
cokebottleag 91/20 7:40 pm
michael corleone

Dr Jill Biden...How many know people who think she’s a medical professional?

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by Dawgfanman
Dawgfanman 571/20 7:37 pm

I felt like I watched Weekend at Bernie’s today

by tgrbaitn08
tgrbaitn08 41/20 7:36 pm

When did Chicken become liberal filth

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by SECRantFan
SECRantFan431/20 8:36 pm

President George Washingtons vision

by omegaman66
omegaman6621/20 7:33 pm

How long before Biden has this country in total shambles?

by The Shed
The Shed 71/20 7:31 pm

Predict the price of gasoline...

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by TigerNAtux
TigerNAtux 271/20 7:31 pm

Liberals, where’s that national mask mandate

by Niccolo Machiavelli
Niccolo Machiavelli21/20 7:27 pm

Day 1 is over

by beatbammer
beatbammer 11/20 7:27 pm

To celebrate the inauguration of Joe Biden my family and I....

by Robin Masters
Robin Masters 71/20 7:25 pm

Biden Dissolves Trump’s 1776 Commission on U.S. History

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by RBTiger
RBTiger 331/20 7:23 pm
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