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Double vaxxed and boosted patients furious over being infected with Covid

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by Strannix comments43
Strannix 431/15 12:23 pm
tiggerfan02 2021

Culture and Marxism

by zatetic comments0
zatetic 01/15 12:17 pm

To Save Time, Biden To Ship 500 Million Free Masks Directly To Landfill

by Swazla comments1
Swazla 11/15 12:17 pm

COVID-19 does not exist. Seriously, come see.

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by hambones comments60
hambones 601/15 12:15 pm

Students paid to take COVID tests

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by SeymourButts comments24
SeymourButts 241/15 12:15 pm

Trump: 'Great news, another one bites the dust'

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by WPBTiger comments21
WPBTiger 211/15 12:00 pm

Tsunami advisory in effect for West Coast as volcano eruption creates waves

by cajunangelle comments3
cajunangelle 31/15 11:58 am

Chicago: Mama look the 13% are at it again

by PeepNCroom comments18
PeepNCroom 181/15 1:12 pm

Pfizer Promises Omicron Vaccine Will Be Ready In Time For Their Q1 Earnings Report

by RebelExpress38 comments16
RebelExpress38 161/15 11:44 am

Concrete Barriers Are Going Up Around The White House And Here’s The Reason Why (Photos&Vi

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by American Girl comments37
American Girl371/15 11:18 am

‘insider info’ on Kyrsten Sinema

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by Jbird comments60
Jbird 601/15 11:09 am

Just watched the new KFC commercial Beyond Chicken!

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by jjdogg76 comments35
jjdogg76 351/15 10:48 am

On the radio this morning….

by Meauxjeaux comments0
Meauxjeaux 01/15 10:33 am

Suddenly the Confederate States are okay to follow due to their voting policies

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by LSUDVM1999 comments38
LSUDVM1999 381/15 10:31 am

Our idiot President just quoted Stalin 4 times in less than a minute

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by OMLandshark comments42
OMLandshark 421/15 10:26 am
Taxing Authority

Carjacking Suspect in Critical Condition After Shootout with Armed Driver

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by Auburn1968 comments52
Auburn1968 521/15 10:21 am

FBI arrests Oath Keepers leader on Jan. 6 charges

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by Jbird comments52
Jbird 521/15 10:20 am

Wheels came off wagon- Biden Admin

by ItzMe1972 comments18
ItzMe1972181/15 10:19 am

Please keep posting every medical emergency or death of a young person it really helps…

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by flyAU comments117
flyAU 1171/15 3:12 pm

Why would biden pass an exec order further handcuffing police???

by trinidadtiger comments19
trinidadtiger191/15 10:12 am

CDC: Myocarditis & Pericarditis After mRNA COVID-19 'Vax'

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by Reubaltaich comments43
Reubaltaich 431/15 10:11 am

The Disney+ Instagram got flagged for misinformation for mentioning Tim Allen

by imjustafatkid comments12
imjustafatkid 121/15 10:11 am

What are your thoughts on healthcare since covid?

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by momentoftruth87 comments39
momentoftruth87 391/15 10:05 am

My wife listens to Allie Beth Stuckeys Relatable podcast

by anc comments4
anc41/15 9:59 am

“It is time for us to do what we have been doing. And that time is every day.”

by DyeHardDylan comments11
DyeHardDylan 111/15 9:52 am

More Mascot Madness: The Next Target is the Vikings

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by djmed comments56
djmed 561/15 9:43 am

Suspect in deadly Harlem Burger King shooting of woman demands 'reparations' for slavery

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by L.A. comments63
L.A. 631/15 9:40 am

The most satisfying part of the SC decision to me is Ronald Klain stepping in it

by Lou Pai comments17
Lou Pai 171/15 9:36 am

Bloomberg: DirecTV to drop One America News Network in April.

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by Cs comments29
Cs291/15 9:28 am

Australian Police aggressively arrest woman for going to a coffee shop.

by Mike Joyce comments6
Mike Joyce61/15 9:27 am
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