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Ancient America (1858 Newspaper Article Describing Olde World)

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by Liberator comments41
Liberator411/15 5:46 pm

DirecTV to drop far-right channel OAN from its service

by Marye comments17
Marye 171/15 5:45 pm

I’m old enough to remember when 14 year olds didn’t go into cardiac arrest!

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by Seldom Seen comments36
Seldom Seen 361/15 5:12 pm

Colleyville TX synagogue/Gunman holding hostages

by BurntOrangeMan comments7
BurntOrangeMan 71/15 5:00 pm

Lawsuit filed against HHS seeks Fauci’s calendar entries at start of pandemic

by WPBTiger comments7
WPBTiger 71/15 4:02 pm

You just survived the greatest psyop in history, how do you feel?

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by The Scofflaw comments57
The Scofflaw 571/15 3:58 pm

As Obama once said about Biden, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to frick things up”

by Geekboy comments1
Geekboy 11/15 3:53 pm

Deranged man pushes Asian woman to death at Times Square subway station

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by L.A. comments33
L.A. 331/15 3:34 pm

Teens Charged for Assault, Death of Passerby Who Jumped on Train Tracks to Help Victim

by L.A. comments4
L.A. 41/15 3:20 pm

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand strolls maskless through upstate restaurant

by WPBTiger comments14
WPBTiger 141/15 3:19 pm

Ethan Klein (H3H3) apologizes for interviewing Jordan Peterson

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by OMLandshark comments31
OMLandshark 311/15 3:03 pm

Sometimes you must walk through the darkness before you see the light.

by DarthRebel comments19
DarthRebel 191/15 3:37 pm

‘No Interest In Fossil Gas’: Green Group Takes Over Global Fracking Company

by Auburn1968 comments10
Auburn1968 101/15 2:44 pm

Free Rapid Covid tests - available to order from Wed. on -

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by Eurocat comments37
Eurocat371/15 2:08 pm

Chicago students gather in crowd to protest in-person learning

by burger bearcat comments16
burger bearcat 161/15 1:50 pm

CNBC Economist: "The economy hasn't added one single job from the 2019 high-water mark."

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by RollTide1987 comments32
RollTide1987 321/15 1:38 pm

By What Date will the next George-Floyd-Event Occur?

by the808bass comments14
the808bass141/15 1:28 pm

Biden Knows That His Election Bills Won’t Pass, But That’s Part Of The Plan

by WPBTiger comments10
WPBTiger 101/15 1:21 pm

The Hungarian Trump to Place Price Controls in wake of Inflation

by RollTide4Ever comments13
RollTide4Ever131/15 1:20 pm

Biden & Dems only like filibusters that protect Vladimir Putin: Biden colludes with Russia

by cajunangelle comments4
cajunangelle 41/15 1:18 pm

Trump tells PA GOP why he is placing an emphasis on Supervisor of Elections races in 2022

by saintforlife1 comments2
saintforlife1 21/15 1:05 pm

Adam Housley: Biden Admin exec orders on data from religious exemption requests

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by lsursb comments24
lsursb 241/15 12:51 pm

Senate Democrats Use the Jim Crow Filibuster to Protect the Kremlin (Greenwald).

by Bunk Moreland comments4
Bunk Moreland 41/15 12:41 pm
Bunk Moreland

Well finally have Covid. It’s time to ?

by Sasquatch45 comments8
Sasquatch4581/15 12:33 pm

Sat. War Room

by GhostOfFreedom comments0
GhostOfFreedom 01/15 12:25 pm

The UK government admits that vaccines have damaged the natural immune system

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by ksayetiger comments51
ksayetiger 511/15 12:24 pm

Double vaxxed and boosted patients furious over being infected with Covid

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by Strannix comments43
Strannix 431/15 12:23 pm
tiggerfan02 2021

Culture and Marxism

by zatetic comments0
zatetic 01/15 12:17 pm

To Save Time, Biden To Ship 500 Million Free Masks Directly To Landfill

by Swazla comments1
Swazla 11/15 12:17 pm

COVID-19 does not exist. Seriously, come see.

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by hambones comments60
hambones 601/15 12:15 pm
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