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Operation Warp Speed 2.0

by sgallo3 comments3
sgallo3 31/16 11:43 am

The GOP's establishment pick for Arizona Governor has dropped out!

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by cajunangelle comments22
cajunangelle 221/16 11:41 am

Kirk Ferentz Dissolves Iowa Football "Diversity Advisory" Program

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by sgallo3 comments27
sgallo3 271/16 11:39 am

Novak Djokovic is BANNED from returning to Australia for 3 years

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by Bobby OG Johnson comments63
Bobby OG Johnson 631/16 11:31 am

Doctor loses license, must have psych evaluation for COVID falsehoods

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by CommieHater comments20
CommieHater201/16 11:26 am

Caesar Gonzales - pro-MAGA candidate Georgia 13

by GhostOfFreedom comments6
GhostOfFreedom 61/16 10:53 am

Soros Back DA’s, Politicians, Sheriffs, etc.

by xxTIMMYxx comments8
xxTIMMYxx81/16 10:31 am

A Trump/DeSantis Ticket is Ideal.

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by boudinman comments71
boudinman711/16 10:28 am

Hispanics voting GOP shouldn't be a surprise.

by prplhze2000 comments7
prplhze2000 71/16 10:27 am

"Hillary is Back"

by CommieHater comments10
CommieHater101/16 10:12 am

Call AT&T or Boycott!

by Cajun Tiger 4 comments19
Cajun Tiger 4 191/16 9:57 am

Mrs. M Update: 15 January 2022/Lane RMC

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by Mr. Misanthrope comments87
Mr. Misanthrope 871/16 9:43 am

Video: 23-Year-Old Woman Tried To Pull A Home Invasion With Her Squad – They Didn’t Expect

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by American Girl comments47
American Girl471/16 9:33 am

Australian government wants Djokovic kicked out because he may spread dissent

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by WPBTiger comments36
WPBTiger 361/16 9:32 am

Veep Thoughts with Kamala Harris

by pecanridge comments16
pecanridge 161/16 9:14 am
Toomer Deplorable

Scotland: COVID Deaths by pre existing conditions by age group 3/20-11/21

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by BurntOrangeMan comments21
BurntOrangeMan 211/16 9:06 am

RINO Dan Crenshaw loves him some Liz Cheney

by LChama comments18
LChama181/16 9:03 am

Is there a website that compiles companies discriminating against unvaxed employees

by LChama comments4
LChama41/16 8:58 am
Tchefuncte Tiger

It's embarrassing when law enforcement plays dress up

(Page 1 2)
by Strannix comments36
Strannix 361/16 8:47 am

What can be done to fix our criminal justice system?

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by Bjorn Cyborg comments63
Bjorn Cyborg 631/16 8:36 am

The framework for a parallel economy is being laid, America First patriots had no choice.

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by Bass Tiger comments30
Bass Tiger 301/16 8:36 am

Anyone in Florida want to legalize sports betting?

by Clemsontigers02 comments6
Clemsontigers02 61/16 8:34 am

President* Biden: History has never been kind to those who have sided with voter suppr...!

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by Seldom Seen comments31
Seldom Seen 311/16 8:17 am

DirecTV to drop far-right channel OAN from its service

by Kjnstkmn comments15
Kjnstkmn 151/16 8:16 am
tenderfoot tigah

Question For my fellow Vets:

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by Lutcher Lad comments48
Lutcher Lad 481/16 8:06 am
Lutcher Lad

Kari Lake - Vice President

by TNoon comments19
TNoon 191/16 8:01 am

The right needs to do a better job attacking the left's use of the word "democracy"

by burger bearcat comments5
burger bearcat 51/16 7:15 am

Video: School Board Member Came Down Off The Stage To Get In An Angry Parents Face And Rec

(Page 1 2 3)
by American Girl comments52
American Girl521/16 7:14 am

Ric Grenell needs to be the new FBI director when Trump wins in 24

(Page 1 2)
by Jspaspa3303 comments21
Jspaspa3303 211/16 6:22 am

Another example of the Left not doing what they DEMAND you do!

by Geekboy comments9
Geekboy 91/16 5:31 am
Saint Alfonzo
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