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Farage: Republicans who dump Trump are making the 'biggest mistake of their careers'

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by ItzMe1972
ItzMe1972211/19 3:06 pm

Leftists want Feinstein primaried for not going after Cruz & Hawley

by Malik Agar
Malik Agar 41/19 3:04 pm
Angry Bruce Pearl

I'd like to dedicate a new holiday, Janteenth

by blueboy
blueboy 21/19 2:59 pm

The joke of 100 million vaccinations in 100 days.....

by igoringa
igoringa 91/19 2:57 pm

NewsMax London Correspondent Olly Barratt says Europe is optimistic now!

by Bass Tiger
Bass Tiger 11/19 2:56 pm

So, with both dims and rephubs pulling against Trump

by Shuga4689
Shuga468921/19 2:54 pm

Mitch stabbing trump all over

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by fareplay
fareplay 531/19 2:40 pm
Tiger in Texas

Chuck announced there will be a vote to keep Trump from Running

by Jjdoc
Jjdoc 191/19 3:11 pm
Mid Iowa Tiger

Next DNI announces She is coming after the "Q Threat"

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by Jjdoc
Jjdoc 851/19 3:21 pm

Mitch will skip Trump departure ceremony in favor of attending mass with Beijing Joe

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by Contra
Contra421/19 2:32 pm

Rush lowering the boom on the McConnells

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by Pianoman
Pianoman 321/19 2:31 pm
Tiger in Texas

President Trump supporter begging cops to get control of US Capitol

by Chazreinhold
Chazreinhold31/19 2:28 pm

An early glimpse at Joe Biden's swearing-in ceremony

by L.A.
L.A. 51/19 2:21 pm

Republicans don't give a single shite about you.

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by dclt145
dclt145561/19 2:19 pm

St. Patrick's Day

by CoachDon
CoachDon 31/19 2:16 pm

Will Trump actually listen to his voters on the way out? Trump supporters overwhelmingly

by Contra
Contra41/19 2:11 pm

lawmaker says GOP Rep. Boebert gave 'large' group tour days ahead of Capitol attack

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by Jbird
Jbird 551/19 2:10 pm

Cali coast littered with big ships

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by JWeezy
JWeezy 231/19 2:52 pm

Rep. Kyle Biedermann, sponsor of TEXIT bill, speaking to New Braunfels GOP last night

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by EKG
EKG 371/19 2:02 pm
Mid Iowa Tiger

Apple CEO Tim Cook Reveals Collusion Between Big Tech Companies To Censor Free Speech

by IamShado
IamShado141/19 2:01 pm

So after tomorrow, are you rooting for the US to succeed or fail?

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by PeteRose
PeteRose 541/19 1:59 pm

How do Preachers become Drs.?

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by Bandit1980
Bandit1980 341/19 1:56 pm

Who wants to take a stab at how Biden classifies ‘high capacity mags’?

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by WhitewaterDawg
WhitewaterDawg 811/19 1:55 pm

A message to the Republican party.

by 1234567k
1234567k 41/19 2:08 pm

The term “Republicucks” is offensive

by GoldenGuy
GoldenGuy 11/19 1:53 pm

I understand why the Trumps are leaving early and no Tea Party for Jill.

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by BamaMamaof2
BamaMamaof2 441/19 1:50 pm

So the libs say “You gonna defeat the military lulz!” When defense against tyranny is..

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by CleverUserName
CleverUserName 231/19 1:47 pm

This will be the most far-left extremist administration in US history

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by Niccolo Machiavelli
Niccolo Machiavelli301/19 1:47 pm

Trump has written the traditional transition letter to Joe

by TrueTiger
TrueTiger 131/19 2:01 pm

Black Lives Matter Celebrates MLK Day with ‘Twerk on Washington’ Video

by jatilen
jatilen171/19 1:41 pm
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