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Trump Destroyed Jim Acosta In India A Couple Hours Ago

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by LuckyTiger
LuckyTiger 252/25 12:31 pm

fox reporting that if every American emptied their savings and paid 100%

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by ApexTiger
ApexTiger 212/25 12:25 pm

Do socialists think that billionaires stole their money?

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by TigerBait1971
TigerBait1971 1902/25 12:20 pm

Michelle Obama video resurfaced regarding Harvey

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by lsufan1971
lsufan1971 412/25 12:29 pm

When a lesbian comes out of the closet; not what you're thinking tho

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by Wtodd
Wtodd 452/25 12:34 pm
Little Trump

Our President is tweeting about Cryin' Chuck Schumer!

by Seldom Seen
Seldom Seen 142/25 9:54 am

Bernie walks into a bar

by deltaland
deltaland 102/25 11:18 am

A Tale Of Two Visits In India

by LuckyTiger
LuckyTiger 152/25 12:11 pm

Peter Butt Edge Edge says he would take a pill to rid him of the ghey

by bamarep
bamarep 192/25 12:13 pm

John Bolton is tweeting about the Bern

by LeroooyJenkins
LeroooyJenkins162/25 12:21 pm

Bloomberg Adviser Brings Up Bernie’s Rape Fantasies on CNN

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by FairhopeTider
FairhopeTider 302/25 11:26 am

Who else is crossing over to vote for Crazy Bernie?

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by SirWinston
SirWinston 322/25 12:19 pm

And a little child shall lead us; 2nd amendment related

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by Wtodd
Wtodd 282/25 12:04 pm
9th life

We know that Booty-eggs emulates Obama, but this is getting ridiculous

by PhDoogan
PhDoogan 132/25 9:58 am
Lima Whiskey

Trump up to 52% approval on Rasmussen

by GeneralLee
GeneralLee 82/25 11:50 am
Rex Feral

Ex-CIA Director John Brennan: Ouster of spy chief a 'virtual decapitation' of intelligence

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by cajunangelle
cajunangelle 242/25 12:18 pm
Jeff Boomhauer

A federal judge has essentially segregated an integrated high school

by anc
anc92/25 12:17 pm
Tchefuncte Tiger

Bernie plans to eliminate past due medical debt to the tune of $81 billion

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by BeNotDeceivedGal6_7
BeNotDeceivedGal6_7302/25 12:02 pm

Justices bar Mexican parents from suing over cross-border shooting of teen

by Jbird
Jbird 152/25 12:31 pm
keks tadpole

“Moderate” democratic candidate Biden vows to take down gun industry

by MeatCleaverWeaver
MeatCleaverWeaver 172/25 10:21 am

Want to know why there are so many dumb people working in government?

by Frank Black
Frank Black 52/25 11:42 am

Bernie plans to raise the cap on SS payroll tax to $250k

by BeNotDeceivedGal6_7
BeNotDeceivedGal6_7162/25 12:31 pm

My name’s Joe Biden, I’m a Democratic candidate for the United States senate

by PorkSammich
PorkSammich 192/25 7:57 am

Lebron James may have future plans of running for president

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by tiggerthetooth
tiggerthetooth 342/25 12:22 pm

Conservative atheists need to accept this truth.

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by Parmen
Parmen 1472/25 12:34 pm

Bernie's plan to pay for the Green New Deal

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by BeNotDeceivedGal6_7
BeNotDeceivedGal6_7252/25 11:13 am

DU thread hoping for virus outbreak in US to bring down Trump

by lsufan1971
lsufan1971 172/25 12:34 pm

The DEMs Could Eliminate AOC's House Seat In 2020 Redistricting

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by CU_Tigers4life
CU_Tigers4life 202/25 9:58 am

reddit users on /r/the_donald are now getting warned for upvoting pro-Trump posts.

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by Cs
Cs302/25 11:28 am

An interesting and probably inevitable situation with border

by CleverUserName
CleverUserName 102/25 12:33 pm
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