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Fauci says he won't work under Trump if he wins in 2024

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by Beaver Bandit comments29
Beaver Bandit 295/16 1:04 am
Beaver Bandit

4 reasons why the economy is crumbling.

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by WeeWee comments32
WeeWee 325/16 3:13 am

Victor Davis Hanson-Americans are now entering uncharted, revolutionary territory.

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by ItzMe1972 comments30
ItzMe1972305/15 10:00 pm

Breaking: shooting at Laguna CA church

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by PeepNCroom comments35
PeepNCroom 355/15 9:33 pm

Only Trump can save this country

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by MaroonMonsoon comments44
MaroonMonsoon 445/15 10:19 pm

Rolling Stone: Buffalo shooter is a mainstream Republican

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by tiggerthetooth comments76
tiggerthetooth 765/15 10:14 pm

We called it yesterday. Not a word about Milwaukee. Buffalo is the chosen one right now.

by MightyYat comments13
MightyYat 135/15 10:13 pm

The Buffalo killer was…wait for it….A LIBERAL!!!!

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by PeepNCroom comments58
PeepNCroom 585/15 9:49 pm
El Tigre Grande

Even Jeff Bezos gets it

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by Taxing Authority comments37
Taxing Authority 375/15 8:48 pm
Cajun Tigah

Biden is going to visit Buffalo, but he never visited Waukesha. You know why

by L.A. comments8
L.A. 85/15 11:59 pm

Oregon requiring tampons to be placed boys elementary school bathrooms

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by Byrdybyrd05 comments21
Byrdybyrd05215/16 2:19 am

Have you tightened your belt on spending due to Biden’s price hikes?

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by thebigmuffaletta comments32
thebigmuffaletta325/15 9:03 pm

Speaking with my church leadership this morning, tithing lower than expected in 2022.

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by gsvar2004 comments117
gsvar2004 1175/15 9:02 pm
Ancient Astronaut

We can’t sustain these fuel prices for 2 more years

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by texag7 comments78
texag7 785/15 10:20 pm

Buffalo shooting no worse than EVERY weekend in Chicago

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by tigersbb comments34
tigersbb345/15 11:58 pm

D'Souza responds in part to one of Shapiro's questions

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by Lou Pai comments43
Lou Pai 435/15 6:06 pm

Replacement Theory the new media Conservative boogey man

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by tigersbb comments65
tigersbb655/15 11:47 pm

The Fed never stopped QE after 2008

by DyeHardDylan comments5
DyeHardDylan 55/16 3:28 am

We must address the hate!

by Jimmy2shoes comments6
Jimmy2shoes 65/15 9:28 pm

Throwback clip from 2020 of Colby Covington calling Black Lives Matter Marxism a "joke"

by ZIGG comments4
ZIGG45/16 2:23 am

What’s the #1 DVD on Amazon?

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by FlexDawg comments21
FlexDawg 215/15 5:22 pm

I guess this new church shooter is going to be ultra maga

by roadGator comments11
roadGator 115/15 10:52 pm

Buffalo Shooter Was A Known Entity To Police: Made Violent Threats At High School…

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by Toomer Deplorable comments54
Toomer Deplorable545/15 5:30 pm

Yep, trans men can get pregnant

by Jimmy2shoes comments18
Jimmy2shoes 185/15 6:30 pm

5 shot at Houston-area flea market. 2 are dead.

by L.A. comments10
L.A. 105/15 10:26 pm

What is this bozo Kamala talking about

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by burger bearcat comments24
burger bearcat 245/15 4:55 pm

Why don’t Republicans play by the same rules as the democrats when it comes to elections?

by Byrdybyrd05 comments18
Byrdybyrd05185/16 2:59 am
tenderfoot tigah

No new wars

by WaWaWeeWa comments4
WaWaWeeWa45/15 9:42 pm

FINALLY! Prog Media Finds An Occasion To Discuss Waukesha Massacre:

by Toomer Deplorable comments6
Toomer Deplorable65/15 9:22 pm

PA Dem Candidate Fetterman suffers a stroke

by cajuntiger1010 comments13
cajuntiger1010 135/15 8:30 pm
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