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Clay Higgins Drops a Bomb on Newsmax: “Over 200” FBI Agents Embedded Within Crowd on J6

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by FlexDawg comments80
FlexDawg 8011/30 5:34 pm
keks tadpole

Tucker Carlson endorses DJT for President

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by jbdawgs03 comments47
jbdawgs03 4711/30 5:53 pm

For once Lindsey makes sense .....

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by bluedragon comments43
bluedragon 4311/30 5:00 pm

Senator Durbin just BLOCKED Senator Blackburn's request to subpoena Epstein flight logs

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by WPBTiger comments23
WPBTiger 2311/30 5:03 pm

Sen. Rand Paul performs Heimlich Maneuver on choking Joni Ernst

by EKG comments15
EKG 1511/30 5:50 pm

Bob Iger says creators at Disney have lost sight of what their jobs should be.

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by Taketts comments45
Taketts4511/30 1:47 pm

Catherine Herridge Posts Fascinating Bank Record Exposing Biden Biz Dealings

by WPBTiger comments14
WPBTiger 1411/30 4:28 pm
tigerfan 64

Dawn Marie Engoron, the wife of Judge Arthur Engoron APPEARS TO HAVE DELETED her X account

by WPBTiger comments11
WPBTiger 1111/30 4:25 pm

Texas AG Ken Paxton sues Pfizer, alleges pharma giant lied about COVID vaccine efficacy

by EKG comments6
EKG 611/30 3:48 pm

Hamas breaks ceasefire, takes credit for shooting up a bus stop

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by Fun Bunch comments40
Fun Bunch 4011/30 3:39 pm

Mystery wave of pneumonia hits AMERICA: Ohio county 142 child cases of white lung syndrome

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by cajunangelle comments33
cajunangelle 3311/30 3:52 pm

At 99, Kissinger finally admitted his mistake.

by Timeoday comments8
Timeoday 811/30 11:15 am

Why doesn’t Trump or RFK run ads with this GIF on loop?

by foosball comments9
foosball 911/30 3:19 pm
TN Tygah

Ireland Declares Asking An Immigrant To Stop Stabbing You A Hate Crime

by L.A. comments5
L.A. 511/30 1:08 pm

Joe Biden Suffers Severe Confusion Over Donald Trump, calls Trump Congressman

by WPBTiger comments8
WPBTiger 811/30 2:36 pm

The YouTube Files Part 1. Biden White House Pressured YouTube to Censor Americans

by cajunangelle comments9
cajunangelle 911/30 3:39 pm
Bunk Moreland

'Lying from Day 1': Chicago residents outraged as migrant camp construction begins

by djmed comments12
djmed 1211/30 11:58 am

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton files suit against Pfizer

by thebigmuffaletta comments1
thebigmuffaletta111/30 2:54 pm

Jennifer Rubin comes out in support of Nikki Haley

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by Fun Bunch comments21
Fun Bunch 2111/30 10:05 am

Out today from HarrisX: Republican primary trends for November #surging

by jbdawgs03 comments4
jbdawgs03 411/30 3:51 pm

Hollywood SJW killed inside his home during random act of violence

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by stout comments49
stout 4911/30 1:26 pm

Irish Prime Minister Promises More Censorship, Hate Speech Laws, & Immigration

by LuckyTiger comments16
LuckyTiger 1611/30 8:44 am

They are Showing us The Govt Battlespace for 2024 and What We Will Face

by GumboPot comments7
GumboPot 711/30 9:54 am

Russia's Supreme Court designates "international LGBT movement" an extremist organization

by WPBTiger comments7
WPBTiger 711/30 8:44 am

94-Year-Old Veteran Says He Was Kicked Out Of Nursing Home To Make Room For Illegal Migran

by Auburn1968 comments12
Auburn1968 1211/30 1:45 pm

Who flooded Europe with muslims and why?

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by Monahans comments82
Monahans 8211/30 5:55 pm

How many times are we gonna die of climate change?

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by AMac comments22
AMac 2211/30 6:02 pm
keks tadpole

2024 Presidential Election: Trump+6 over Biden

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by jbdawgs03 comments20
jbdawgs03 2011/30 5:56 pm

TRUMP FRAUD TRIAL: all of sudden quiet. Deutsche Bank exec testifies: NO FRAUD

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by Covingtontiger77 comments51
Covingtontiger77 5111/30 5:33 pm
sticky post

WATCH THREAD | DeSantis vs Newsom | The Great Red vs. Blue State Debate | Fox News 8pm CT

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by rmnldr comments34
rmnldr 3411/30 6:03 pm
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