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Hunter sure does like tatted women

by GhostOfFreedom comments0
GhostOfFreedom 06/8 5:08 pm

PSA: Tucker Episode # 2 is up.

by GumboPot comments0
GumboPot 06/8 5:02 pm

It all depends on your starting point: wildfire edition.

by GumboPot comments0
GumboPot 06/8 4:52 pm

Joe Biden allegedly paid $5M by Burisma executive as part of a bribery scheme

by cardswinagain comments11
cardswinagain 116/8 5:08 pm

Parents Of Nashville School Shooter Want To Give Rights To Manifesto To Victims’ Parents

by idlewatcher comments11
idlewatcher 116/8 4:57 pm
Stealth Matrix

As corrupt as the Democrats, MSM and deep state are, it’s sad that they are still winning

by minister of truth comments12
minister of truth 126/8 4:32 pm
minister of truth

At what point did we stop trying to mitigate wildfires by controlled burnings?

by Blutarsky comments6
Blutarsky 66/8 4:19 pm

Arresting those who protest pride.

by Jack Carter comments13
Jack Carter136/8 5:02 pm
Dex Morgan

Every major cable and broadcast news network is now run by women.

by L1C4 comments3
L1C4 36/8 4:55 pm

Biden comments on parents

by AdamsHouseCat comments10
AdamsHouseCat 106/8 4:36 pm

The smartest guy Joe Biden has ever known

by Geekboy comments1
Geekboy 16/8 3:42 pm

Podcast discussing Civil Rights Act and its consequences on modern wokism

by Foolio Street comments1
Foolio Street 16/8 3:35 pm

Liberal woman’ goes viral on TikTok- hard to find ‘masculine’ man who's not conservative

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by Placekicker comments25
Placekicker 256/8 4:55 pm

Hannity radio show reported that DOJ has alerted media about major development tomorrow

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by cajunangelle comments46
cajunangelle 466/8 5:00 pm

2s is now added to diversity alphabet

by Zach comments11
Zach 116/8 4:45 pm

The media is MAD

by tivey6301 comments16
tivey6301 166/8 3:57 pm

Ian Chong Tweet: Who's side are you on?

by Jack Carter comments7
Jack Carter76/8 3:16 pm

Let’s get this clear about Trump & Fauci

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by rmnldr comments54
rmnldr 546/8 5:02 pm

Sensei Will Have Gavin Newsom On His Show On June 12

by jatilen comments3
jatilen36/8 3:09 pm

Biden: 'We will keep funding Ukraine as long as it takes.'

by tivey6301 comments7
tivey6301 76/8 3:48 pm

Lol, Wagner takes a Russian Brigade commander prisoner

by narddogg81 comments10
narddogg81 106/8 5:05 pm
Jack Carter

All this talk about "classified documents" SCIFs, FISA courts just laughable

by trinidadtiger comments2
trinidadtiger26/8 3:16 pm

Xan John being censored on this board

by GirthBrooks62 comments13
GirthBrooks62 136/8 3:02 pm

DeSantis Fundraiser’s Millions from China Tech Giant

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by FlexDawg comments35
FlexDawg 356/8 4:21 pm

Christina Pushaw is such a great comms director

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by stout comments100
stout 1006/8 5:06 pm

Apparently You Can Kill Trans People In San Francisco Now

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by djmed comments23
djmed 236/8 5:01 pm

Regarding the SC ruling on AL Redistricting

by Foolio Street comments6
Foolio Street 66/8 2:56 pm

4 SCOTUS Justices will hear Loy Brunson v. Alam Adams, et, al. on 06/24.

by GumboPot comments19
GumboPot 196/8 4:33 pm

That whistle-blower report Wray gave Congress proves Burisma bribed Biden

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by bamarep comments36
bamarep 366/8 4:06 pm

Trump Shouldn't Debate, Why Give Publicity To People Who Can't Get It Themselves?

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by RobbBobb comments44
RobbBobb446/8 5:01 pm
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