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The media was crazy about Trump’s debt and who he may be beholden to

by fillmoregandt
fillmoregandt 010/22 10:19 am

What happened to that WSJ story?

by Eli Goldfinger
Eli Goldfinger 010/22 10:19 am
Eli Goldfinger

Is there not a National Security Briefing today at 11:00

by burdhead
burdhead 010/22 10:17 am

Black lives don't matter if cops or whites are not responsible

by WPBTiger
WPBTiger 210/22 10:19 am

Mr. President, announce that no matter what, YOU WILL be talking about Biden corruption

by oogabooga68
oogabooga68110/22 10:19 am
Roll Tide Ravens

Tips For Trump

by BigLSUNut
BigLSUNut 010/22 10:16 am

Sad thing about the debate...

by auburn32
auburn32 110/22 10:19 am

Dems are just pathetic children. Plain and simple

by i am dan
i am dan 210/22 10:17 am

But the Biden campaign said Joe has released his tax returns

by BayouCowboy
BayouCowboy 710/22 10:18 am

Pelosi! Sympathetic to China?

by GeneralLeeAwesome
GeneralLeeAwesome 810/22 10:19 am

Our President : Judiciary Committee approves Judge Barrett!

by Seldom Seen
Seldom Seen 110/22 10:18 am

Should Trump give an Oval Office address to the nation tomorrow if they mute him tonight?

by TDsngumbo
TDsngumbo 410/22 10:18 am

Tax funded NPR refuses to "waste time on not real stories" Re: Hunter

by Midget Death Squad
Midget Death Squad 1110/22 10:19 am

How great would it be to see an Adlai Stevenson at the UN moment tonight?

by 9Fiddy
9Fiddy 210/22 10:16 am

Hunter’s laptop had 40-50 images of alleged child endangerment; include a family member.

by GEAUXmedic
GEAUXmedic 1210/22 10:19 am

Will they mute Trump when he brings up hunter?

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by NashvilleTider
NashvilleTider 2710/22 10:19 am

Remember when I said multiple times no more large stimulus package in the summer?

by uppermidwestbama
uppermidwestbama710/22 10:17 am

Wanna know why media isn't covering Hunter and Joe?

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by GEAUXmedic
GEAUXmedic 2410/22 10:19 am

Wall Street Journal - Where's the story?

by i am dan
i am dan 310/22 10:02 am

I bet Bill and Hillary are laughing their asses off at the Biden's amateur hour

by lsufan1971
lsufan1971 510/22 10:02 am

OK, Can we please keep all the biden text/email stuff in the stickied thread?

by GEAUXmedic
GEAUXmedic 1510/22 9:58 am
Y.A. Tittle

And there is the biggest issue with early voting.....

by Pianoman
Pianoman 1010/22 10:14 am

Today is a Great day for America

by WaydownSouth
WaydownSouth 810/22 10:18 am

Where’s the WSJ bombshell?

by Lsujacket66
Lsujacket66010/22 9:45 am

THIS is the ONE: “Don’t mention Joe being involved...only when you are FACE TO FACE”

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by Covingtontiger77
Covingtontiger77 3110/22 10:09 am

The ACA (Obamacare) was NEVER intended to work

by udtiger
udtiger 510/22 9:49 am
Eli Goldfinger

Uh Oh a heavy hitter is going on the trail for Joey

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by Jbird
Jbird 2110/22 10:18 am

Dems presser on CSPAN NOW

by pwejr88
pwejr88 910/22 10:19 am

Biden Surrogates

by Irons Puppet
Irons Puppet 010/22 9:36 am
Irons Puppet

HUNTER BIDEN texts: HERE WE GO!! Faucet [ON] Drip OFF

by Covingtontiger77
Covingtontiger77 310/22 9:39 am
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