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re: 3 games in 10 days is pretty ridiculous

Posted on 5/28/24 at 8:38 pm to
Posted by ChestRockwell
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Posted on 5/28/24 at 8:38 pm to
Nice one! I'll have to use it next time. Thanks
Posted by LooseCannon22282
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Posted on 5/28/24 at 9:13 pm to

They cannot do this without the consent of the players association, so don't lay this all at the feet of the league. All of them are money hungry.

That's right and the CBA stands as is until 2030, correct? That's on them if they don't like it. Appoint better leadership?
Posted by paulb52
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Posted on 5/29/24 at 8:05 am to
Post is ridiculous; it’s 11 days.
Posted by bayou85
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Posted on 5/29/24 at 12:21 pm to

We go @ Chiefs MNF, home Bucs, home Broncos TNF

This is why Richard Sherman said they don't care about player safety. This is bs. A football game has been compared to a car wreck as far as recovery goes.
Posted by TigerSaurus
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Posted on 6/10/24 at 8:54 am to

Another Roger Goodell play on the Saints.

The players will be so tired, beat up and aching in that 3rd game…hope no one gets a season ending injury.
Posted by chadr07
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Posted on 6/10/24 at 9:45 pm to
They just gonna have to zip up their big boy pants and go win the damn games
Posted by tzimme4
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Posted on 6/12/24 at 6:11 am to

We will beat the Broncos. Put your money on it

The optimism is so funny. DA will get blown out and fired after this game. You thought the Jaguars game was bad with the boo birds...
Posted by jcaz
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Posted on 6/12/24 at 7:41 am to
We aren’t the only ones either. League and owners want this… so they will get it and the cap will expand. Players want more money. League wants more games.
Posted by SmogkDeizKnutz
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Posted on 6/12/24 at 4:25 pm to

I know it’s not breaking news, but Roger Goodell is a cocksucking hypocrite

A 3 hour football game every 5-6 days isn't that. These guys will have the same amount of rest days, just a little less practice.

Posted by goatmilker
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Posted on 6/12/24 at 5:26 pm to
3 games in 21 days vs 3 games in 10. And you think the rest will be the same.
Well bless your heart.
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