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Grisham-Boys from Biloxi

by Tigertown in ATL comments18
Tigertown in ATL 182/24 6:28 pm

Any correct order to read Dostoevsky?

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by Oilfieldbiology comments21
Oilfieldbiology 212/19 5:06 pm

Why So Much

by EF Hutton comments1
EF Hutton12/19 3:49 pm
EF Hutton

The Wheel of Time -- Season 1 -- Wise Ones Thread (Book Spoilers)

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by Fun Bunch comments529
Fun Bunch 5292/17 10:06 am
Fun Bunch

Jason Bourne or Jack Reacher

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by Maytheporkbewithyou comments26
Maytheporkbewithyou 262/16 9:40 pm

To Antietam Creek: The Maryland Campaign of 1862 by D. Scott Hartwig

by RollTide1987 comments0
RollTide1987 02/16 7:48 pm

What’s the best site/app to sell old books?

by Spook comments13
Spook 132/16 4:39 pm

Help with a fantasy/sci fi/fiction reading recommendation

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by VivaTerlingua comments21
VivaTerlingua212/15 10:09 pm

Fiction v non-fiction

by MorgusTheMagnificent comments7
MorgusTheMagnificent72/13 1:57 pm
Big Scrub TX

News from Brandon Sanderson regarding his writing addiction

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by Sasquatch Smash comments114
Sasquatch Smash 1142/11 12:47 pm

Dr. Mary’s monkey

by MorgusTheMagnificent comments19
MorgusTheMagnificent192/7 10:35 pm

2022 Reading Challenge

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by When in Rome comments86
When in Rome 862/3 7:43 am

US involvement in World War I books

by Edwardo comments8
Edwardo81/26 11:08 pm
Jim Webb

Just finished Blood Meridian

by Jim Rockford comments11
Jim Rockford 111/20 8:50 am
Honest Tune

Hester Skelter

by MorgusTheMagnificent comments9
MorgusTheMagnificent91/19 8:12 pm

Anyone here read Swan Song? SPOILERS inside

by LSU_postman comments12
LSU_postman 121/18 10:54 am

Top reads in 2022

by TAMU-93 comments10
TAMU-93 101/18 2:54 am
Train is comin

George R.R. Martin down to his last 500 pages on Winds of Winter

by LSUMaverick comments17
LSUMaverick 171/16 1:42 pm

Sanderson Update and F Audible

by Bard comments6
Bard 61/15 10:01 am

Blake Crouch - is he the most interesting current author?

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by Big Scrub TX comments20
Big Scrub TX 201/14 8:56 pm

Has anyone ever queried literary agents?

by Sgt Tuffnuts comments6
Sgt Tuffnuts 61/12 2:14 pm

Chuck Wendig is a shitty writer.

by Ham Solo comments5
Ham Solo 51/11 11:32 am
Sasquatch Smash

Westward Migration Book

by tigersaint74 comments7
tigersaint74 71/6 3:19 pm

What’s a good book for a 16 year old kid who needs to learn to talk to people.

by Slevin7 comments14
Slevin7 141/2 6:07 pm
Dam Guide

The Three Body Problem or Red Rising for Next Book

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by OleWarSkuleAlum comments30
OleWarSkuleAlum 3012/29 10:49 am
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