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Two Independent Comic Book creators explain why Marvel and DC Comic Books are failing

by Roaad comments5
Roaad 510/19 10:19 am
Midget Death Squad

Books for a cause

by MSingletary comments2
MSingletary210/18 7:01 pm

Has The Book of Quint been discussed on here?

by Honest Tune comments6
Honest Tune 610/17 12:40 pm
Honest Tune

Fire and blood-yay or nay

by Adam Banks comments8
Adam Banks 810/16 10:28 pm
Pikes Peak Tiger

Do you have a favorite Hemingway biography?

by Methuselah comments6
Methuselah 610/16 8:10 am

Holly - Stephen King

by Christopher Columbo comments18
Christopher Columbo 1810/15 9:44 am
Deplorable Duke

I don't throw around the term "woke" loosely. . .but the new James Bond book is "woke" af

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by Roaad comments21
Roaad 2110/13 10:42 am
Big Scrub TX

Starting my first re-read of Wheel of Time. Few questions

by LSUTitan99 comments5
LSUTitan99 510/11 9:43 am
Fun Bunch

Dread Empire's Fall series by Walter Jon Williams

by Handsome Pete comments1
Handsome Pete110/9 8:55 am

New Novel by my Son - Available on Amazon

by blueridgeTiger comments3
blueridgeTiger 310/4 12:20 pm

LOTR (Books) discussion- did Saruman actually win?

by Scoob comments7
Scoob 710/3 2:39 am

Foundation series by Isaac Asimov

by Loup comments12
Loup 129/30 9:17 am

What are you reading these days?

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by tigernurse comments62
tigernurse 629/25 4:25 pm

Code Red (Mitch Rapp #22) - Kyle Mills

by TigerFanatic99 comments2
TigerFanatic99 29/25 9:21 am

Gifting an Audiobook question

by Martini comments3
Martini 39/21 6:46 pm

National book of Italy

by ecb comments4
ecb 49/21 9:18 am

'Social Justice Fallacies' - new book by Thomas Sowell out at the end of this month

by conservativewifeymom comments3
conservativewifeymom39/21 9:01 am

Dark Matter

by Midget Death Squad comments8
Midget Death Squad 89/21 8:18 am

The Wheel of Time -- Season 2 coming in September -- Wise Ones Thread (Book Spoilers)

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by Fun Bunch comments608
Fun Bunch 6089/21 7:08 am

Anybody ever tackled The Romance of the Three Kingdoms?

by cfish140 comments1
cfish140 19/20 2:07 pm
Midget Death Squad

Ladies- Dark Romance Favorite Reads?

by tigernurse comments0
tigernurse 09/20 1:37 pm

Help for an aspiring writer...

by JakeRStephenes comments16
JakeRStephenes 169/20 10:18 am

Metro 2033

by ecb comments1
ecb 19/16 2:36 am

Read any good horror novels lately? (recs?)

by Dandy Chiggins comments7
Dandy Chiggins79/13 12:42 pm

Robin Hobb -Realm of the Elderlings

by Big Chipper comments3
Big Chipper 39/12 6:21 pm
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