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What’s your favorite play?

by tuptiger
tuptiger 88/20 1:14 pm

Any Clive Cussler fans?

by Cosmo
Cosmo 48/21 8:42 pm

The Gentleman Bastards

by TygerTyger
TygerTyger 88/21 9:23 pm

Need some historical fiction recs

by Boo Krewe
Boo Krewe128/22 12:41 am

Riyria Revelations is the most enjoyable series i've ever read

by sgallo3
sgallo3 98/16 6:04 pm

Books on the Yankees/Baseball in the 50s, 60s - women, booze, etc

by LSUbase13
LSUbase13 128/16 2:09 pm

Red Rising series (Spoilers)

by Esquire
Esquire 128/21 7:16 am

Overrated modern American novelists

(Page 1 2)
by Jim Rockford
Jim Rockford 218/20 5:42 am

Controversial Book Suggestions

by volod
volod 158/9 4:08 pm

Count of Monte Cristo

by brsa
brsa 127/28 9:01 pm

EBR Public Library is a great resource.

by boom roasted
boom roasted77/23 12:10 am

sci-fi / horror rec: Dark Matter

by boom roasted
boom roasted127/26 4:11 pm

Audible Prime Deal day is active

by ShrevetownTiger
ShrevetownTiger 37/17 3:12 pm
Tigertown in ATL

The Art of Racing in the Rain

by VOR
VOR 47/18 2:45 am

Just finished the Farseer Trilogy

by 225rumpshaker
225rumpshaker 98/21 2:36 pm

Kids book

by Rockbrc
Rockbrc 17/8 9:05 am
Sody Cracker

How the Scots Invented the Modern World

by Big_Slim
Big_Slim 187/19 7:50 pm
Sir Drinksalot

Anybody read new westerns?

by Maytheporkbewithyou
Maytheporkbewithyou 27/2 9:22 pm

Dan Simmons - Summer of Night

by i am dan
i am dan 66/27 7:45 pm
i am dan

The Screwtape Letters or Abolition of Man

by tigerbru17
tigerbru17 127/30 7:58 pm
south bama tiger

Your Most Awaited Books

by STLDawg
STLDawg 137/4 10:29 pm
Sir Drinksalot

Just finished Shogun-Need help picking next book

by Tigertown in ATL
Tigertown in ATL 126/21 2:58 pm
Tigertown in ATL

Last of the Mohicans worth reading?

by boxcarbarney
boxcarbarney 86/29 6:57 pm
Sam Waterston

Wife Finally Convinced me to Read the Harry Potter series

(Page 1 2 3)
by sportsaddit68
sportsaddit68 548/2 11:55 pm

Fools and Mortals by Bernard Cornwell

by biglego
biglego 46/10 10:15 am
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