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Best book to begin the Warhammer 40K universe?

by AUveritas comments7
AUveritas 74/15 7:13 am

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight’ Ordered at HBO

by LSUMaverick comments2
LSUMaverick 24/13 11:35 am
Sasquatch Smash

Book Idea: Does this type of "book" exist?

by Rouge comments1
Rouge 14/13 8:13 am

Should I read Howard Zinn’s “ people’s history of the United States”?

by selfgen comments17
selfgen 174/12 8:09 pm

For those who have read Turgenev, is it worth buying his books?

by Methuselah comments4
Methuselah 44/11 12:12 pm

For those with kids: Best novels to read with 1st/2nd grader

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by UpToPar comments23
UpToPar 234/9 11:26 pm

So Wired did a hit piece on Brandon Sanderson of all people

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by Fun Bunch comments28
Fun Bunch 284/5 3:09 pm

Any correct order to read Dostoevsky?

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by Oilfieldbiology comments22
Oilfieldbiology 224/4 7:18 pm

vince flynn

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by neilh comments26
neilh264/2 10:37 pm
holdem Tiger

What’s the best site/app to sell old books?

by Spook comments16
Spook 164/1 8:18 pm

Best book on Deep State/Globalism (Bood Rec.)

by Dandy Chiggins comments5
Dandy Chiggins54/1 12:44 pm

War and Peace

by Northshore Aggie comments8
Northshore Aggie 83/27 6:18 pm

Thoughts on Nick Harkaway?

by thedrumdoctor comments1
thedrumdoctor 13/24 9:09 pm
Sasquatch Smash

Russian Literature

by AllbyMyRelf comments5
AllbyMyRelf 53/22 2:59 pm

Ides of March - Roman Republic Book

by Santa Claws comments0
Santa Claws 03/15 7:17 pm
Santa Claws

Books similar to "with the old breed" by Eugene Sledge

(Page 1 2)
by tigers9898 comments27
tigers9898 273/12 9:47 am
Northshore Aggie

Tress of the Emerald Sea (Brandon Sanderson Secret Novel 1 - Narrative spoilers)

by 225rumpshaker comments2
225rumpshaker 23/10 5:50 pm

Any James Lee Burke fans?

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by bamarep comments24
bamarep 243/10 1:41 pm

"Way too early" user review of Kindle Paperwhite - Signature Edition

by Ace Midnight comments9
Ace Midnight93/8 5:58 pm

Baseball 2023 - Help with book...

by JakeRStephenes comments3
JakeRStephenes 33/8 2:17 pm

Looking for a new book/series of books

by GeauxTime9 comments13
GeauxTime9 133/8 10:35 am

Horror books - Not King, Not Cussler, Not Lovecraft

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by Richleau comments28
Richleau283/6 3:44 pm
High C

Winston Churchill Biography.

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by bengalbait comments21
bengalbait 213/4 8:09 pm

So I just relistened to Heart of Darkness. A few thoughts

by athenslife101 comments6
athenslife101 62/28 11:19 pm

Grisham-Boys from Biloxi

by Tigertown in ATL comments18
Tigertown in ATL182/24 6:28 pm
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