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Gormenghast series

by lsugorilla
lsugorilla 410/18 10:27 pm

The Secret History of Twin Peaks

by The Dude's Rug
The Dude's Rug 010/17 5:21 am
The Dude's Rug

Have we discussed Battle Ground yet? (Spoilers)

by MSTiger33
MSTiger33 610/14 3:47 pm
Green Chili Tiger

Book recommendation

by CajunDoc
CajunDoc 1210/17 8:56 pm

Where the crawdad sings

by lsuguy13
lsuguy13 410/13 2:38 pm

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

by holdemtigahs
holdemtigahs 1210/15 1:31 pm
memphis tiger

The Rage of Dragons (The Burning Book 1) - by Evan Winter

by Green Chili Tiger
Green Chili Tiger 710/5 4:07 pm
Scuttle Buttin

Historical YA books

by ClampClampington
ClampClampington 39/30 2:58 am

Bobiverse readers?

by Dam Guide
Dam Guide 710/11 6:17 pm

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson/Spoilers?

by MissTiger91
MissTiger91 310/7 5:27 pm

Alien book series order recommendation.

by Skeezer
Skeezer710/12 1:28 pm
Boo Krewe

Recommend a good book on the Trojan war

by choppadocta
choppadocta 710/15 1:06 pm

Ken Follet has a new book

by bayoubengals88
bayoubengals88 1310/8 6:42 pm

Terry Goodkind has passed away at 72

by Roaad
Roaad 610/19 11:53 am

Barnes and Noble classics

by The Dunder Mifflin
The Dunder Mifflin 189/24 4:42 pm
red sox fan 13

Books on the Revolutionary War from the British Side

by theGarnetWay
theGarnetWay 19/13 10:02 pm

With Halloween around the corner, I need a good scare.

by Nix to Twillie
Nix to Twillie 189/26 12:55 am
Nix to Twillie

Books for Sales Team Readings

by mtheob17
mtheob17 49/14 3:42 pm

Mistborn trilogy

by Midget Death Squad
Midget Death Squad 199/12 1:01 pm

Joe Abercrombie's New Book Comes Out on the 15th

by boxcarbarney
boxcarbarney 189/19 3:58 pm

Non reading phase.

by orangebeach38
orangebeach38 1210/18 6:42 pm

Bard's Poor Attempt at a Combined Marvel/DC Universe (an ongoing project)

(Page 1 2 3)
by Bard
Bard 5410/19 4:42 pm

ill will by Dan Chaon

by FrancisCostello
FrancisCostello09/4 7:05 pm

House of Leaves

by boxcarbarney
boxcarbarney 109/17 1:08 pm

Ready Player One

by BradC
BradC99/16 8:38 pm
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