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The Dems do not want to raise taxes on the rich.
Neither do they want to grant amnesty to illegals, nor do they want to cut spending, or balance the budget.

If the Republicans agreed to raise taxes on the rich, grant amnesty to illegals, and quit harlping on running a sound government; the Dems would lose all their campaign planks.

The Dems want the rich out there as a whipping boy. They want the Hispanics to vote for them. They want people on the federal payroll or on some other kind of entitlement and they want people to believe the Republicans want them to starve and go without care.

Obama had two years with a super majority in the Congress and he could have raised taxes then, he could have granted amnesty, and he could have done anything he wanted to a point.

He didn't for a good reason. He and his buddies want political power and they need the issues to run on every election.

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