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Well Kimmel dragged his son out tonight

by OMLandshark
Political Talk8 hours ago
OMLandshark 2712/12 6:25 am

John McCain and Jeff Flake just ran an ad telling us to thank them.

by SoulGlo
Political Talk7 hours ago
SoulGlo 012/11 11:48 pm

How much does Edmonson's crimes come back on Jindal?

by magildachunks
O-T Lounge9 hours ago
magildachunks1212/12 12:36 am

So McCabe cancelled his testimony to Congress last minute about the dossier?

by CptBengal
Political Talk7 hours ago
CptBengal 712/12 1:52 am

House passes bill to curb presidential pensions

by autauga
Political Talk12 hours ago
autauga 1312/11 9:04 pm

Expect some Decommits

by Lsujacket66
LSU Recruiting24 hours ago
Lsujacket668012/12 5:57 am

Right now Roy is saddling up his horse

by Blizzard of Chizz
Political Talk49 minutes ago
Blizzard of Chizz 612/12 6:25 am
Blizzard of Chizz

Why Roy Moore is a no-brainer despite his 'crazy' beliefs

by IAmReality
Political Talk5 hours ago
IAmReality2712/12 5:51 am

So this board is going to ignore the political corruption being exposed in our own State?

by magildachunks
Political Talk10 hours ago
magildachunks1112/11 9:56 pm

Wife of demoted DOJ official worked for firm behind anti-Trump dossier

by someoneBEE
Political Talk14 hours ago
someoneBEE2312/11 7:01 pm

2018 Harassment training is getting ridiculous

by Das_Wanda_kid
O-T Lounge19 hours ago
Das_Wanda_kid 4412/11 1:58 pm

Sen. Barrasso opens investigation into Russian ties in Uranium One deal

by bamarep
Political Talk12 hours ago
bamarep 612/11 7:22 pm

Memphis nearly complete with outer freeway loop

by member12
O-T Lounge18 hours ago
member12 5812/11 9:58 pm
The Boat

Office Christmas party this week. Nobody's getting impregnated.

by Slippy
O-T Lounge20 hours ago
Slippy2212/11 10:57 am

When you're too trashy for 30A and not trashy enough for Salt Life

by Jim Rockford
O-T Lounge14 hours ago
Jim Rockford 1112/11 5:01 pm

Roy Moore supporter check in thread.

by Parmen
Political Talk12 hours ago
Parmen 6612/12 5:53 am

BREAKING: Space is for Aliens! Going to space is spatial appropriation & colonialism!

by CptBengal
Political Talk16 hours ago
CptBengal 2112/11 9:11 pm

Mike Tomlin's record...6th division title since he became Steelers head coach in 2007

by RedRifle
More Sports20 hours ago
RedRifle 4212/12 2:24 am

This can't be sexual harassment, right?

by GumboPot
Political Talk16 hours ago
GumboPot 3512/11 3:34 pm

Ed Lee, San Francisco Mayor, Dead

by TigerFanInSouthland
Political Talk1 hour ago
TigerFanInSouthland 1112/12 6:10 am

Good game, mates

by PortCityTiger24
Pelicans Talk9 hours ago
PortCityTiger24 712/11 10:42 pm

It's embarrassing how bad polling is in this Alabama senate race

by HailHailtoMichigan!
Political Talk15 hours ago
HailHailtoMichigan! 4012/11 6:48 pm

Is there a bigger f-up than Marshall Faulk being told he had to be a DB?

by sicboy
LSU Recruiting20 hours ago
sicboy 3312/11 11:05 pm

How do liberals want Trump to react to the lies by the MSM?

by bhtigerfan
Political Talk21 hours ago
bhtigerfan16012/11 10:32 pm

Taiwanese Police shooting target

by jbgleason
O-T Lounge15 hours ago
jbgleason 812/11 4:33 pm
High C

Did Hillary really tweet this, realize it was dumb and then delete it?

by GumboPot
Political Talk15 hours ago
GumboPot 1612/11 4:08 pm

George Soros is funding the Trump accusers.

by L.A.
Political Talk16 hours ago
L.A. 3112/11 8:38 pm
Vacherie Saint

They got drumpf now! Bleeding Megyn found the woman to take him down!

by CptBengal
Political Talk12 hours ago
CptBengal 1912/11 8:16 pm

Gymnastics Ranked No. 3 in Preseason Poll

by Tigerbait357
Tiger Rant18 hours ago
Tigerbait357 1812/11 9:25 pm

The Dumbest Ever Thing Said on CNN

by Parmen
Political Talk13 hours ago
Parmen 1512/11 7:43 pm
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