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Was Russia Promised that Nato Wouldnt Expand to the East on inch?

by RoosterCogburn585 comments74
Political Talk15 hours ago
RoosterCogburn585 741/30 4:09 pm

The most secure document in Washington, D.C. is the Jeffrey Epstein Client list.

by Timeoday comments10
Political Talk15 hours ago
Timeoday 101/30 9:19 am

How would War Between the US & China Look?

by geauxbrown comments31
Political Talk3 hours ago
geauxbrown 311/30 10:14 pm

8th place

by BadaBingBadaBoom comments5
Pelicans Talk12 hours ago
BadaBingBadaBoom 51/30 4:44 pm

I dont think many women realize how much more attractive they look without tattoos

by Between TheHedges comments107
O-T Lounge1 day ago
Between TheHedges 1071/30 10:15 pm

If TikTok went down overnight and completely collapsed..

by TomBuchanan comments18
O-T Lounge2 hours ago
TomBuchanan181/30 10:07 pm

Biden cover-up is in full swing

by djmed comments8
Political Talk14 hours ago
djmed 81/30 9:08 am

Original Wednesday died of a stroke last Saturday

by Trevaylin comments9
O-T Lounge13 hours ago
Trevaylin 91/30 11:28 am

what was your "welcome to the real world" moment after finishing school?

by GreatLakesTiger24 comments115
O-T Lounge12 hours ago
GreatLakesTiger24 1151/30 10:04 pm

Deer Heart

by Goldensammy comments10
Outdoor Board4 hours ago
Goldensammy101/30 9:42 pm

Which sport gives the least amount of control of the outcome to officials?

by Ssubba comments54
More Sports10 hours ago
Ssubba 541/30 8:45 pm

RIP Cindy Williams

by Jim Rockford comments4
O-T Lounge2 hours ago
Jim Rockford 41/30 8:32 pm

Sore Shoulders- It Sucks Getting Old

by Scientific73 comments45
O-T Lounge1 day ago
Scientific73 451/30 12:46 pm

If you enjoy LOCAL News (like I do) - this is a pretty informative website to look at

by FLTech comments0
Political Talk3 hours ago
FLTech 01/30 7:40 pm

Elderly Guardianship Assets Questions/Experience

by Harlan County USA comments20
O-T Lounge7 hours ago
Harlan County USA 201/30 8:17 pm

“Ridin with Biden” Comes In Dead Last at 2023 Pegasus World Cup

by WPBTiger comments5
Political Talk12 hours ago
WPBTiger 51/30 11:06 am

What professions do you think low key get laid a lot?

by Rouge comments100
O-T Lounge4 hours ago
Rouge 1001/30 10:13 pm

Why US establishment politicians are sending equipment, and $100+ billions to Ukraine.

by GumboPot comments25
Political Talk15 hours ago
GumboPot 251/30 5:25 pm

Will Wade sounds off on potential return, transfer portal, current state of college basket

by IndianInBR comments70
Tiger Rant1 day ago
IndianInBR 701/30 9:52 pm

“Burrowhead my ass” - Travis Kelce

by TTsTowel comments86
More Sports1 day ago
TTsTowel861/30 9:26 am

That clearly was the correct call

by BFANLC comments45
More Sports1 day ago
BFANLC 451/29 10:47 pm

Youtuber pays for 1,000 eye surgeries, to help people see , and the left are irate

by SeeeeK comments33
Political Talk6 hours ago
SeeeeK 331/30 9:55 pm

Eli Apple played a great game yesterday. Mike Hilton got beat like a rented mule, though.

by Roaad comments2
More Sports10 hours ago
Roaad 21/30 12:53 pm
Kansas City King

Does baseball have a fan appreciation scrimmage this year?

by Pintail comments0
Tiger Rant3 hours ago
Pintail 01/30 6:47 pm

Had sex with the wife and then

by Hobie101 comments36
O-T Lounge20 hours ago
Hobie101361/30 10:14 am

Elon Musk Has Updated The Hitler Little Golden Book Meme

by LuckyTiger comments0
Political Talk14 hours ago
LuckyTiger 01/30 7:56 am

UDub OC Ryan Grubb meeting with Alabama

by LSUDarkKnight2 comments11
Coaching Changes9 hours ago
LSUDarkKnight2 111/30 9:03 pm

That’s why people think this is rigged

by Draconian Sanctions comments22
More Sports1 day ago
Draconian Sanctions 221/29 9:08 pm

Advertising adds no value to society

by Trevaylin comments30
O-T Lounge1 day ago
Trevaylin 301/30 6:53 am

Now, THAT is how the Star Spangled Banner should be sung

by BigNastyTiger417 comments35
O-T Lounge1 day ago
BigNastyTiger417 351/29 10:09 pm
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