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Kendall Hinton appreciation thread

by Jim Rockford
More Sports12 hours ago
Jim Rockford 3611/29 9:28 pm

Lou Dobbs: GA judge orders all voting machines impounded

by Choctaw
Election 202014 hours ago
Choctaw 7911/29 6:25 pm
A Menace to Sobriety

* Biden Voters ~ Clearly + Obviously ~ "SILENT & EMBARRASSED"... is Very TELLING!!

by DagneyTaggert
Election 202012 hours ago
DagneyTaggert3311/30 3:04 am

Trump Tweet 60 Minutes

by Double J18
Election 20209 hours ago
Double J18 311/29 8:07 pm

Senator Rand Paul

by Double J18
Election 202012 hours ago
Double J18 2111/29 6:38 pm

FBI Agent identifies 57,793 Georgia votes cast from non-resident addresses

by bizeagle
Election 202014 hours ago
bizeagle3511/29 4:11 pm

'Smartest Man In The Room' Just Joined Sidney Powell's Team

by bizeagle
Election 202015 hours ago
bizeagle4111/29 5:01 pm

Tristan Leigh committing on January 2nd

by Tigerboy55
LSU Recruiting12 hours ago
Tigerboy55 1611/29 8:23 pm

The left should give up already. The Trump movement is growing, not diminishing.

by the whyrly byrd
Election 202010 hours ago
the whyrly byrd1611/29 9:38 pm

Fulton County elections officials confirmed to 11Alive

by Jjdoc
Election 20205 hours ago
Jjdoc 311/30 12:15 am

Raiders DB Dallin Leavitt Calls Out Fake COVID Results!

by RBTiger
Election 20205 hours ago
RBTiger 1111/30 4:13 am

rt from Powell; American Patriots have now paid the ultimate price with their lives to del

by DougsMugs
Election 202015 hours ago
DougsMugs 21611/30 2:12 am

This probably goes kenetic

by RiverCityTider
Election 20209 hours ago
RiverCityTider 2211/29 8:48 pm

Couldn't script the way this is unfolding...

by GarTiger
Saints Talk10 hours ago
GarTiger1011/30 12:29 am

Army uniforms honoring "Tropic Lightning" vs Navy

by HeLeakin
More Sports10 hours ago
HeLeakin 1811/30 3:57 am

Guys and Girls this thing is going to supreme court and it's going to happen in the next

by DeafVallyBatnR
Election 202016 hours ago
DeafVallyBatnR 3611/29 4:51 pm

CBS 60 Minutes: Fired Chris Krebs " This was a secure election""

by HubbaBubba
Election 20209 hours ago
HubbaBubba 2111/29 8:49 pm

Lin Wood says they are performing updates to Ga. Voting Machines

by JWeezy
Election 202014 hours ago
JWeezy 2011/29 5:52 pm

Saints should be #1 total defense after this week.

by saintsfan92612
Saints Talk10 hours ago
saintsfan92612 811/30 12:04 am

Should’ve made the call, Denver...should’ve made the call.

by S
More Sports12 hours ago
S811/29 5:49 pm

49ers WIN

by BPTiger
Saints Talk10 hours ago
BPTiger 1511/29 6:21 pm

As a lifelong Democrat and Biden Voter, election was 100% stolen

by JColtF
Election 202017 hours ago
JColtF 5911/30 4:21 am

Saints Magic Number to Clinch 4th Straight NFC South Division Championship = 2

by rt3
Saints Talk11 hours ago
rt3 911/29 7:03 pm

Is this finally it?

by Cshaw91
Election 202012 hours ago
Cshaw91 2411/29 5:57 pm

PA GOP Senator Mastriano abruptly left West Wing meeting with POTUS after told + for Covid

by cajunangelle
Election 20208 hours ago
cajunangelle 2011/30 2:55 am

Bucs lose! Nice NFC lead!

by FatMan
Saints Talk10 hours ago
FatMan 811/29 6:54 pm

Honest score predictions for Saturday night. I think

by Tigerfly66
Tiger Rant10 hours ago
Tigerfly664911/29 11:21 pm

Biden to be in walking boot for several weeks per physician. Hairline fracture

by HailHailtoMichigan!
Election 202010 hours ago
HailHailtoMichigan! 5011/29 10:57 pm

Bengals have 123 yards total today

by sgallo3
More Sports14 hours ago
sgallo3 3111/29 7:34 pm
Purple Spoon

America - time for the BIG switch

by davidsheroes
Election 20207 hours ago
davidsheroes 611/29 10:21 pm
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