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Who else has had the TV on mute since early?

by Roman Candle Tag
Saints Talk10 hours ago
Roman Candle Tag 2312/17 10:01 pm

“Oh noooooooo”

by Fun Bunch
Saints Talk11 hours ago
Fun Bunch 512/17 8:51 pm

The Saints lack of weapons will cost them a SB this year.

by adamb2151
Saints Talk11 hours ago
adamb2151 3012/17 9:06 pm
Big Sway

Ingram made Reid take a knee

by Lsujacket66
Saints Talk12 hours ago
Lsujacket66312/17 7:45 pm
Nado Jenkins83

Nate Silver - You call that Muh Russians!?

by rds dc
Political Talk12 hours ago
rds dc712/18 6:54 am

Witten is openly cheering for Carolina

by JS87
Saints Talk9 hours ago
JS87 912/17 10:24 pm

If we win 12-9 over the next 5 games

by Tiny Rick
Saints Talk9 hours ago
Tiny Rick 312/17 10:42 pm
Tiny Rick

Can we just roll with Taysom Hill for this game?

by dcrews
Saints Talk10 hours ago
dcrews 1012/17 9:49 pm

Panthers fans we got Two Words for you

by PhillyTiger90
More Sports9 hours ago
PhillyTiger90 212/17 10:17 pm
Tyga Woods

Airport arrival gonna be a late one

by choppadocta
Saints Talk8 hours ago
choppadocta 512/18 1:50 am

Not very Christian like of McCaffery there

by TigerBR1111
Saints Talk9 hours ago
TigerBR1111 212/17 10:33 pm

WTF Refs

by Ancient Astronaut
Saints Talk10 hours ago
Ancient Astronaut 512/17 8:59 pm

Textbook Cam

by Scoop
Saints Talk11 hours ago
Scoop 512/17 8:48 pm

I feel cam is almost mocking Newton here

by KurtRussell
Saints Talk9 hours ago
KurtRussell 112/17 10:52 pm
Roman Candle Tag

Aubrey Solomon

by bayou85
LSU Recruiting17 hours ago
bayou85 912/17 7:38 pm

Dirty F&*ks

by PhillyTiger90
Saints Talk10 hours ago
PhillyTiger90 412/17 9:14 pm

Aaron Rodgers is 0-31 against teams w/ winning record, while trailing heading into 4Q

by Vanilla Ice
More Sports17 hours ago
Vanilla Ice 5012/17 7:06 pm
St Augustine

Fresh Merch for Calling Out the Deep State

by Green Chili Tiger
Political Talk12 hours ago
Green Chili Tiger 1112/18 2:20 am

Ingram is averaging 6.4 YPC

by dcrews
Saints Talk10 hours ago
dcrews 712/17 9:24 pm

Have you ever seen a team start the season with the best offense and worst defense

by el duderino III
Saints Talk9 hours ago
el duderino III 412/17 10:58 pm

Gary Danielson

by Fightin Okra
Tiger Rant9 hours ago
Fightin Okra1112/18 5:56 am
Fightin Okra

What the hell is up with the refs

by geauxtigers87
Saints Talk11 hours ago
geauxtigers87 712/17 8:24 pm

What an awesome game

by Fox Mulder
Saints Talk9 hours ago
Fox Mulder 1212/17 10:28 pm
Northshore Saint

Cam Postgame Coverage

by rpg37
Saints Talk9 hours ago
rpg37 312/17 10:29 pm

Man I hate Cam

by luciouslou
Saints Talk12 hours ago
luciouslou 412/17 7:40 pm

Trump Dossier Author was Hired to help Hillary Challenge 2016 Election Results

by rds dc
Political Talk15 hours ago
rds dc4212/18 5:22 am

Age and Death

by BigPerm30
O-T Lounge18 hours ago
BigPerm30 4512/17 3:45 pm

Frick Cam Newton

by tigahland
Saints Talk18 hours ago
tigahland 612/17 11:15 pm
Legion of Doom

IST/ IBT 12/18

by Four Leaf Tayback
Outdoor Board2 hours ago
Four Leaf Tayback 812/18 7:14 am

Hillary’s Collusion with Foreign Agents to Overthrow Trump

Political Talk12 hours ago
TOKEN 1012/17 8:23 pm
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