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Job offer - Am I just being stubborn?

by SaintTiger80 comments18
Money Talk3 hours ago
SaintTiger80 181/30 9:00 pm

DOJ Won't Comply W/ Request for Biden Classified Docs, Due to Ongoing Investigation

by cajunangelle comments15
Political Talk1 hour ago
cajunangelle 151/30 9:04 pm

New Orleans is Popping Off tonight.

by MrLSU comments59
O-T Lounge21 hours ago
MrLSU591/30 2:20 pm

Lt. Col. Daniel Davis Warns of Nuclear War: U.S. Has ‘No Plan’ in Ukraine

by Placekicker comments8
Political Talk8 hours ago
Placekicker 81/30 8:29 pm

Whatever happened to water beds?

by hottub comments15
O-T Lounge9 minutes ago
hottub 151/30 9:06 pm

Kim Mulkey

by Jim bean xxx comments14
Tiger Rant26 minutes ago
Jim bean xxx 141/30 9:04 pm

Anyone here ever owned a Scottish Terrier?

by CBandits82 comments28
O-T Lounge9 hours ago
CBandits82281/30 8:50 pm

MSNBC Host — Who Previously Announced She Was Vaxxed — Discusses Myocarditis Scare:

by Toomer Deplorable comments12
Political Talk1 hour ago
Toomer Deplorable121/30 8:55 pm

Monthly pure blood check-in thread

by Jack Daniel comments56
Political Talk2 hours ago
Jack Daniel 561/30 8:53 pm

Does it seem strange to you all, as well, when you learn an actor has retired?

by shutterspeed comments10
Movie/TV Board2 hours ago
shutterspeed 101/30 8:14 pm

The Turgid Tale of Old Seamus McCready, or, Old Hard Ons Die Hard

by fr33manator comments23
O-T Lounge15 hours ago
fr33manator 231/30 8:42 pm

Orgeron candidate for NFL job

by Jack Crevalle comments9
Coaching Changes4 hours ago
Jack Crevalle 91/30 6:32 pm
Ponchy Tiger

The NFL 2023 salary cap will be a record $224.8 million per club

by RLDSC FAN comments28
More Sports9 hours ago
RLDSC FAN 281/30 7:37 pm

CNN pumping White House talking points, re: food savings

by East Coast Band comments12
Political Talk11 hours ago
East Coast Band 121/30 11:48 am

Trending on Twitter #NFLRigged

by RBTiger comments88
More Sports24 hours ago
RBTiger 881/30 6:52 am

Switzerland Offers ‘Safe Blood Transfusions’ From Unvaccinated Donors

by ItNeverRains comments27
Political Talk12 hours ago
ItNeverRains 271/30 12:32 pm

WWE Monday Night Raw Thread: Hitchhiking the Road to Wrestlemania Edition

by rt3 comments153
O-T Lounge3 hours ago
rt3 1531/30 9:07 pm

Ossai is the dumbest mfer alive

by Thundercracker comments76
More Sports1 day ago
Thundercracker 761/30 5:08 pm

Heard on radio: apparently another Hunter laptop has been discovered

by Eli Goldfinger comments15
Political Talk13 hours ago
Eli Goldfinger 151/30 12:24 pm

Eli Apple and Bengals talked so much shit, his mom gave up on defending him on twitter

by Kansas City King comments17
More Sports12 hours ago
Kansas City King 171/30 12:24 pm

Bengals just got screwed

by Ancient Astronaut comments56
Saints Talk1 day ago
Ancient Astronaut 561/30 9:03 pm

Anyone else just find Mardi Gras cringeworthy?

by Tshiz comments133
O-T Lounge1 day ago
Tshiz 1331/30 8:28 pm
Lester Earl

Youtuber pays for 1,000 eye surgeries, to help people see , and the left are irate

by SeeeeK comments30
Political Talk5 hours ago
SeeeeK 301/30 7:10 pm

Who is the John Travolta looking dude hanging around the Lady Tigers bench?

by TigerProphet comments6
Tiger Rant1 hour ago
TigerProphet 61/30 8:50 pm

Was Russia Promised that Nato Wouldnt Expand to the East on inch?

by RoosterCogburn585 comments74
Political Talk14 hours ago
RoosterCogburn585 741/30 4:09 pm

The most secure document in Washington, D.C. is the Jeffrey Epstein Client list.

by Timeoday comments10
Political Talk14 hours ago
Timeoday 101/30 9:19 am

8th place

by BadaBingBadaBoom comments5
Pelicans Talk11 hours ago
BadaBingBadaBoom 51/30 4:44 pm

I dont think many women realize how much more attractive they look without tattoos

by Between TheHedges comments106
O-T Lounge1 day ago
Between TheHedges 1061/30 6:51 pm

Biden cover-up is in full swing

by djmed comments8
Political Talk13 hours ago
djmed 81/30 9:08 am

Kellen Moore to the Chargers as OC

by WPBTiger comments3
Coaching Changes9 hours ago
WPBTiger 31/30 6:46 pm
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