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Courage needed to solve economic problems

Don't take funds from you;
Don't take funds from me;
Take funds from the man behind the tree.

Folks, it's not going to work that way; cuts in spending have to come from the places that get the funds, and that can include social security, medicare, medicaid, welfare and maybe food stamps and unemployment insurance. (Also, no more handouts called stimulus.)

This country is spending much more than it takes in. Everyone agrees that we need more jobs and an improved economy which, no doubt, would bring more money into the treasury. Jobs must come from the private sector, from companies willing to take risks. The president and Congress seem bent on passing bills that discourage industrial expansion and the creation of jobs. Punitive taxation and regulations are just opposite the policy we need to get the economy going. An example is the president's stated goal to eliminate the development and use of our fossil fuels. This is beyond stupid and smells of the president's hatred of certain industries and his love of others.

An answer to our problems is not hard to find, but determination and courage to take the required actions has been lacking. --And time is short.

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