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A "disgrace" not to send 3x the estimated cost for TS Sandy

While the link talks about the councilmen who didn't sign the letter, I was taken aback by the Council Speakers remarks:


“Like many Americans, we are outraged and disappointed that the U.S. House of Representatives left the current session without appropriating the $60.4 billion in emergency spending for victims of Hurricane Sandy. There was support for this package on both sides of the aisle, and it’s a disgrace that the funding was neither allocated nor even voted on by the House. Congress must make this their first priority and vote on it immediately when they return to Washington.

I'm sure she understands had the Senate not sent such an outrageous bill to the House this would never have happened. But her team couldn't help but trump up the cost to taxpayers when given an opportunity to reward some campaign contributors. And yes I mean her team, anyone who voted for this bill either can't read or had a favor to pay off.

This "blame the repubs" game gets really tiring. Could an elected official really be so stupid? The bill was loaded...two people on the council pointed this out. Whatever, below you'll find the link to her official contact page. Do what you want with it. I know we don't live there but it could be fun none-the-less.

Contact NYC CouncilIdiot - Chris Quinn
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re: A "disgrace" not to send 3x the estimated cost for TS Sandy

Chris Quinn

Thug POS

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re: A "disgrace" not to send 3x the estimated cost for TS Sandy
Dumbass voters will believe anything. They love a pandering politician demanding more handouts for them.

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