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re: Parade goers in Houma complain about getting hit with beads

you don't have to complain when they get hit with beads.
You never read me complaining... only stated you were classy for saying keep three year olds at home.

I though the discussion was about bringing or not bringing children to the parade?
It is, but you make it seem like only grown men who can take a bead bag shot to the face should go.


Majority of float riders are heavily intoxicated, and are paying money to have a good time. Pretty sure they are not worried who they are throwing to (unless they see someone they know). They are just throwing beads because that's what they "paid" money to do. You (the spectator) on the other hand chose to be there,so don't bitch about whats going on. If you don't like it, leave the kids at home, or better yet, you stay home.
So because they pay money, us simpletons should just get hit in the face with beads? classy

Furthermore, why do people feel the need to hurl a ziploc bag of beads? Why not take the beads out and throw them how it was intended. The mess after these parades is also retarded. In*b4thatswhatconvictsarefor

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