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Leadership among players

by JWeezy
JWeezy 510/11 8:47 am

More than Pelini

by eyeofthetiger3
eyeofthetiger3 610/11 8:44 am

Pelini is the Matt Canada of defense

by charlottetiger
charlottetiger 1510/11 8:43 am

Yeah, the coaches suck, but there's no MB on defense

by Friedbrie
Friedbrie 310/11 8:39 am

If your a Player reading this Tell us what’s up

by Catchfalaya
Catchfalaya 410/11 8:33 am
The Mick

My rant on this LSU team and the past 3 games

by TheTexasTiger7
TheTexasTiger7 310/11 8:33 am

LSU - Orgeron needs to make changes

by davidsheroes
davidsheroes 1110/11 8:33 am

Would anyone be against firing Bo mid season?

by thadcastle
thadcastle 1710/11 8:22 am

Burrow is to O what Favre was to Hallman

by TigerBR1111
TigerBR1111 1310/11 8:19 am

Holy frick, what is going on

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by cas4t
cas4t 5610/11 8:06 am
Mister Falcon

Someone needs to call into Ed O and ask about Pelini

by thadcastle
thadcastle 210/11 7:59 am

Tell the truth about our running backs

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by luciouslou
luciouslou 2210/11 7:57 am
go ta hell ole miss

Stephen A Smith on LSU defense

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by Byrdybyrd05
Byrdybyrd052110/11 7:54 am

T or F: Moving to a Spread offense naturally results in the defense being relatively worse

by PhillyFan1994
PhillyFan1994610/11 7:53 am

Lost in all of this is that we finally “developed a QB”

by Penrod
Penrod 110/11 7:49 am

Bo Pelini to McDonalds

by arizonafan
arizonafan110/11 7:44 am

Aranda brought in Busch not O

by saturncube21
saturncube21710/11 7:40 am
Buckeye Jeaux

He said we would have the best coordinators but....

by BlackAngus
BlackAngus 210/11 7:40 am

Bo = Lou Tepper

by In The Know
In The Know 410/11 7:32 am
In The Know

Ogeron = Chizik

by Zuave4Ever
Zuave4Ever410/11 7:20 am

I’m going to rant right now about this LSU team

by TheTexasTiger7
TheTexasTiger7 510/11 7:15 am

This is what happens when you replace young ascending coaches w dinosaurs

by ulsaint
ulsaint1010/11 7:10 am
Tammany Tom

Coaching changes board??

by McLaggen
McLaggen 110/11 7:16 am

The Rant got exactly what it has always wanted

by jimbeam
jimbeam 210/11 7:09 am

Only 1 thing can save this embarrassing season...

by tigbit
tigbit 810/11 7:07 am
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