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re: Poverty in America

Many do, but mostly it is because of their own choices or incompetence or because of the neglect of their parents. Services and benefits are available to all, from the government
Isn't the whole point of this article that there isn't really poverty in America because these people have cable, cell phones, etc?

But the reason they can do that is because they get so much help from the government.

If they didn't get government help, they couldn't have those things, and the poverty would look worse.

So there is poverty in America... it just looks like there isn't because the government supports them so much.

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re: Poverty in America

The majority of the students were African American and talked about poverty in the relative American sense. I then conveyed some of my experiences with true poverty abroad in a recently toppled third world dictatorship. Specifically that the vast majority of those citizens had no running water, little clothing, meager nutrition and non-existent healthcare.

back in the heyday of the NBA drafting young european prospects too early, there was an interesting societal friction along these lines. the guys from american ghettos always play up the "i come from nothing" card, but these euros came from MUCH worse living conditions (and were white). this was especially common with guys who are from the balkans

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re: Poverty in America
Some left wing political organization sent a small panel of unemployed welfare recipients to the USSR to tell the Russians what a crappy country the USA was and how capitalism sucks.

After they each told their story of deprivation and unfairness they opened up a Q and A.

Russian: "What job to you have that causes you to live in poverty?"

American: "I haven't worked in 20 years."

The Russian crowd broke out laughing.

Russian: "Wait. Let me understand. You complain about being in poverty yet you do not work?"

Again the Russian crowd cracked up laughing.

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