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Daily Mail a foreign news found the letter from Cohen attny

by Trevaylin comments4
Trevaylin 43/22 10:02 pm

The War Whores

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by WPBTiger comments21
WPBTiger 213/22 9:48 pm

Unintended Consequences - DA Alvin Bragg tried to take out Trump

by ItzMe1972 comments11
ItzMe1972113/22 9:41 pm

Trump shreds Florida in new release; “hardly any greatness there”

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by HailHailtoMichigan! comments157
HailHailtoMichigan! 1573/22 9:40 pm

DeSantis Slammed for Using National Crisis to Criticize Trump: Poor Timing Criticized

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by FlexDawg comments235
FlexDawg 2353/22 9:40 pm

Jim Jordan sends more letters

by Bobby OG Johnson comments10
Bobby OG Johnson 103/22 9:34 pm

Is the Biden reign of terror worse than you imagined or about what you thought it would b?

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by Bass Tiger comments26
Bass Tiger 263/22 9:33 pm
Toomer Deplorable

Is Elon taking a breather from the weekly Twitter-ownage?

by dstone12 comments7
dstone12 73/22 9:26 pm

Franklin Foil - interesting survey I got in mail

by Wednesday comments2
Wednesday 23/22 9:15 pm

Top Ukraine 'volunteer' soldier revealed to be fraud

by stout comments3
stout 33/22 9:13 pm

DeSantis brands Putin ‘a war criminal’ who should be held accountable for Ukraine invasion

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by cajunangelle comments100
cajunangelle 1003/22 8:58 pm

Our Government Is Now Being Mocked By Mexico For Arresting The Opposition (Trump)

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by LuckyTiger comments31
LuckyTiger 313/22 8:53 pm

PocahontasCalls for Fed Chair Powell’s Ouster – He's ‘Trying to Drive’ U.S. into Recession

by WPBTiger comments13
WPBTiger 133/22 8:46 pm

What happens to the 2024 race if Joe Manchin runs as third party candidate?

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by Marcus Aurelius comments23
Marcus Aurelius 233/22 8:45 pm
Vacherie Saint

1952 Harding College cartoon film on inflation.

by FreedomBarefoot comments0
FreedomBarefoot03/22 8:32 pm

MTG says its time to arrest Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg

by WPBTiger comments2
WPBTiger 23/22 8:30 pm

Breaking News... Trump has made his way to NYC

by jlnoles79 comments2
jlnoles79 23/22 8:27 pm

Jesse Kelly ~ Dems spending 50mil on ballot harvesting in Arizona and Pennsylvania

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by jbdawgs03 comments44
jbdawgs03 443/22 8:22 pm

Is the Trump-DeSantis fighting on here due to outside instigators?

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by PsychTiger comments56
PsychTiger 563/22 8:05 pm

While everybody is talking about Trump getting arrested,

by joydivision comments3
joydivision 33/22 8:00 pm

1% of Democrat Counties Make Up 42% of America’s Murders

by Auburn1968 comments7
Auburn1968 73/22 7:58 pm

IntheMatrixxx is back from more than 800 day suspension

by 11Eleven comments1
11Eleven13/22 7:44 pm

Desantis has already squandered his opportunity.

by Numberwang comments17
Numberwang 173/22 7:23 pm

Newsmax back on TV.....

by oldskule comments0
oldskule 03/22 7:22 pm

Moderna paid NIH $400 million in ‘royalties’

by ehidal1 comments9
ehidal1 93/22 7:16 pm

Sen. Rand Paul Tears Up Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel on Adolescent Vaccinations

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by NC_Tigah comments24
NC_Tigah 243/22 7:15 pm

Alvin Bragg blew through a lot of New York City money this week

by Trevaylin comments0
Trevaylin 03/22 7:11 pm

Avenatti Says There Is No Case Against Trump

by Timeoday comments7
Timeoday 73/22 7:05 pm

Supply-side policies would solve inflation -- without the bank-system damage

by Auburn1968 comments2
Auburn1968 23/22 6:58 pm

Letter from Cohen's attorney is out.... he acted on his own

by Jjdoc comments12
Jjdoc 123/22 6:45 pm
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