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Culture in Decline: Consumer Vanity Disorder
Did advertising reprogram society from a 'needs' to a 'desires' culture?

Does social conformity masquerade as individualism?

Is to think, know, and challenge to be ridiculed, while holding up the status quo rewarded?

Is the new commercial lifestyle that is being touted as some marvel of human/social development actually a form of retardation? A manifest-value distortion that is making us sick, antisocial, increasingly vain, ecologically indifferent, and more malleable to the controlling factions of our society itself.

Are our modern cultural strives for success symptoms of progress, or a culture in decline?

Has the ownership class of society cock-blocked evolution to keep the status quo in order?

Do people really get what they work for? Is effort a common denominator for success?

Do you have Consumption Vanity Disorder? What is CVD?

Does modern consumer culture ensure people remain distracted and at war with themselves?

Does our monetary system create debt slaves?

Are you living in one big marketing gimmick?

Find out the answers, and more. All in 30 minutes of satire.

Watch. Evolve.
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re: Culture in Decline: Consumer Vanity Disorder
No dude, didn't you hear in the other thread? Nothing's changed it's all the same. Those of us who lament the decline in culture because, we've been told, we believe the Andy Griffith show was an infallibly accurate depiction of the early 1960's are sorely mistaken.

Andy Griffith and Aunt Bea were swingers but that never made it to the tv. In fact, there were just as many swingers, fisters, prolapsers, 20:1 gangbangs available in the 1960 mailbox vs laptop as well as out of wedlock births, murders, government assistance manipulators and sex/violence forward forms of entertainment as there are today. Adolescents were all having sex at the same rate and age in 1960 as they are today. I've been corrected in another thread... nothing's changed.
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re: Culture in Decline: Consumer Vanity Disorder


I realize you're being sarcastic. I'd say to the people saying that to you, that history goes back before 1960.. shockingly.

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