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UPDATED: Daily COVID-19 Stats as of 7:30 PM 7/11/20 CST Final Numbers for the Day

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by Chromdome35
Chromdome35 51477/12 11:36 pm

Protest planned for 11am tomorrow July 13th at State Capital to lift COVID restrictions

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by Armymann50
Armymann50 427/13 7:06 am

Take out the middle seat!

by Eurocat
Eurocat147/13 7:04 am

Polls show that even if the polls are wrong Biden wins!

by Seldom Seen
Seldom Seen 87/13 7:04 am

Boycott sports events?

by Little Trump
Little Trump 177/13 7:03 am

Several Evangelical Christians on YT are saying God put Trump in the WH

by Kester5144
Kester514407/13 7:03 am

Without Sessions recusal there is no Russia, Mueller, 2 year plus USA nightmare

by jimdog
jimdog27/13 7:03 am

How Many Order Of The Arrow Members Are Amongst Us?

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by LuckyTiger
LuckyTiger 497/13 7:01 am

New video: Moment of impact when tear gas canister *actually* hits Portland rioter

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by EKG
EKG 1657/13 7:00 am

If I Played In the NFL or NBA in 2020, The Name On the Back of My Jersey Would Be "TEN"

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by KCT
KCT 937/13 6:58 am

Trump denies Minnesota governor's request for $500M to repair damage from riots

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by xGeauxLSUx
xGeauxLSUx 587/13 6:58 am

While you were sleeping... "Born Warren Wilhelm Jr. ..."

by tigerpawl
tigerpawl 57/13 6:54 am

Alabama Students throwing Covid Parties

by Eurocat
Eurocat107/13 6:53 am

Sessions was insulted daily and publicly by the president as AG.

by jimdog
jimdog147/13 6:53 am

Revisionist History: for all u “proven to work” jacklegs

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by Schmelly
Schmelly 207/13 6:51 am

The fix is already starting, everyone check their party registration.

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by WHS
WHS 377/13 6:39 am

U.S. Marshals to investigate incident that injured protester, Portland Mayor Wheeler says

by EKG
EKG 157/13 6:37 am

New Folgers Commercial

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by Mud_Till_May
Mud_Till_May 227/13 6:28 am
Crimson Wraith

Twitter - Mayor de Blasio speaks out about violence against police officers

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by Wolfhound45
Wolfhound45 257/13 6:27 am

Why are there so many Small Businesses that have never received any PPP $ ?

by JetsCoach
JetsCoach 77/13 6:26 am

If masks are so great

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by da prophet
da prophet 557/13 6:25 am
Woody Glazer

The White House today is actively seeking to discredit Dr. Fauci!

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by Seldom Seen
Seldom Seen 437/13 6:21 am

Anyone noticed all of Europe is chilly almost cold right now?

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by loogaroo
loogaroo 447/13 6:06 am
Stealth Matrix

We almost defunded the police yesterday in East Baton Rouge Parish

by The Boat
The Boat 167/13 5:39 am

Q: p6194: Gen Flynn tweets vid of WWG1WGA while taking the oath... - Unraveling ToE Thread

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by ThinePreparedAni
ThinePreparedAni 1246657/13 5:27 am

Sessions was one of the 4 cabinet members willing to invoke 25th amendment against Trump

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by FlexDawg
FlexDawg 487/13 5:24 am

Here’s some evidence that certain reporters want more testing so that things look worse

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by HailHailtoMichigan!
HailHailtoMichigan! 467/13 5:21 am

Washington Redskins expected to retire nickname on Monday: report

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by Tunasntigers92
Tunasntigers92 2097/13 4:52 am

top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs "A clash is coming soon with China, people wi

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by Jjdoc
Jjdoc 397/13 4:35 am
Stealth Matrix

Judge approves petition to recall Seattle mayor

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by EKG
EKG 317/13 4:27 am
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