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re: "Wage labor turns people into animals"

he also thinks private property is legalized theft. Go read international socialist review. They think all private property is theft.

Which proves they're idiots. Theft implies prior ownership. So who did people steal their stuff from. The noble "workers?" Okay. Who'd THEY steal it from. And on and on into infinity.

But, projecting their own flaws onto their opponents is a staple of marxist bull shite. In reality, all marxism seeks to do is disenfranchise the existing aristocracy and set up a flawed system which, when it fails, will enable them to re-concentrate wealth into different hands, fewer hands, just like Russia, which has more billionaires than any other country in the world and is run like a huge mafia.

That's the real end game, but the average blue collar worker is too ignorant and uneducated to see that. All they understand is that the "evil" rich people are going to pay for their evil richness.

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