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Does Jeff Landry have a chance in La 3
Boustany is one of "Boehner's Boys" in the House.
Jeff is the true constitutional conservative.
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re: Does Jeff Landry have a chance in La 3
I think its Boustany 60, Landry 40. Boustany has been able to muddy the waters on who's most conservative and some of those supporting Landry have not served him well in this race. Also, the district was re-drawn to favor Boustany, so Landry always had an uphill battle.

Frankly, I wouldn't be shocked if it's Boustany 65, Landry 35.

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re: Does Jeff Landry have a chance in La 3
It was 45/35 in the primary IIRC. I know Starks 1% will go for Landry. The real question is who will Richards voters go to

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re: Does Jeff Landry have a chance in La 3
Jeff is done with the whole process anyway. He's tired of the lack of change in Washington.

Boustany has had the most financial backing. Has MC and LC locked down.

I don't care who gets in really. This has been a pathetically over drawn out election and I feel bad for the shite brought out for both.

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