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Debt Ceiling agreement reached so does stock market

by Double Oh comments7
Double Oh75/29 7:17 am

At what annual income would you go with a traditional 401K versus Roth 401K?

by Grinder comments7
Grinder 75/28 8:04 pm

I did the financially responsible thing for once with vehicles.

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by DiamondDog comments31
DiamondDog 315/28 11:34 pm

Can somebody explain what is a 1099 tax form?

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by Byrdybyrd05 comments23
Byrdybyrd05235/29 7:17 am

Norway implemented a new wealth tax recently. It's going as well as you can imagine.

by rickgrimes comments13
rickgrimes 135/27 12:03 pm

Any household that consistently runs a deficit goes bankrupt

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by Thundercles comments24
Thundercles 245/28 4:50 pm
I Love Bama

$D Dominion Energy

by Motownsix comments3
Motownsix 35/27 4:59 pm
Roy Curado

Taking a poll: Who thinks and why:

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by Thomas98 comments41
Thomas98 415/28 10:20 pm

Cathie Wood sold almost all her Nvidia at the end of last year in the $ARKK ETF

by Street Hawk comments7
Street Hawk75/25 8:34 pm

HYSA vs Money Market Account vs Money Market Fund for Emergency Fund

by blackoutdore comments1
blackoutdore 15/26 10:38 am

Pulte is a mad man! Giving away lots money for GameStop shares and others, tomorrow.

by GhostOfFreedom comments1
GhostOfFreedom 15/25 10:55 pm

“Air” : A Story of Greatness

by Shepherd88 comments8
Shepherd8885/25 6:09 pm

Anyone looking at Foot Locker

by SuperSaint comments4
SuperSaint 45/25 8:18 am

Am I overpaying for oil-changes?

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by adamsblueguitar comments47
adamsblueguitar 475/28 2:23 pm

NVDA Surging

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by Samso comments35
Samso 355/25 6:04 pm

At this point LPs in venture funds should just wire money direct to NVIDIA

by rickgrimes comments0
rickgrimes 05/24 9:09 pm

New movie that explains the market and what happened during the GameStop squeeze.

by GhostOfFreedom comments8
GhostOfFreedom 85/25 9:09 pm

Got a new job with a large raise, what to do about retirement?

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by TrussvilleTide comments37
TrussvilleTide 375/28 2:01 pm

EIDL Loan Repayment / Forgiveness

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by RealDawg comments28
RealDawg 285/26 4:00 pm
Fat Bastard

Wife’s single premium whole life insurance from the 80s- wwyd

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by baldona comments27
baldona 275/23 9:07 pm
La Place Mike

Tim Scott would be a perfect Presidential nominee for the Money Board types, no?

by Street Hawk comments10
Street Hawk105/23 7:58 am

ZIM's major nose dive

by Auburn1968 comments8
Auburn1968 85/22 2:14 pm

Is BUD a buy?

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by SlidellCajun comments40
SlidellCajun 405/26 6:53 am

whats everyone buying?

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by lsuoilengr comments36
lsuoilengr 365/26 1:24 pm

What APY should I be getting with my savings account?

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by BigD43 comments20
BigD43205/22 8:53 am
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