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re: I will Not give up my Guns!

If the fed wants them (they don't) you will give 'em up. My father in law told me while he was dying of lung cancer that he would never give up smoking....but he did a dew days later when he passed away. He hasn't smoked since....and you will be the same way with your guns. As soon as someone at some level decides it is problematic for you to possess them they will do whatever is necessary to make the problem go away. You stand 0 chance of winning a stand off with the government. It ain't happening and you ain't gonna find enough people to stand with you because there ain't enough given the entire US population to do so successfully without the assistance of the Military...and they ain't on your side, and if they were you wouldn't need your guns in the first place. I think someone has just seen the remake of "Red Dawn" and is full of the spirit, but at the end of the day you will give up your sacred guns if the Govt decides they want them.

Do you really think that most of the military and LEOs would turn their guns of fellow Americans?

I could see quite a few disobey that order.

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re: I will Not give up my Guns!

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