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Border Patrol (DHS) Checkpoint Refusals
This may be Germans - and I don't care.

Homeland Security personnel have a grave responsibility to protect us in light of all the hoopla since 9-11. I don't envy them. It's a tough job. That said...

I watched this video for the first time this morning. It raised many questions in my mind? Is there a balance between respecting authority and challenging it? I also acknowledge that there are individuals that make a career out of demonizing people in authority at every opportunity and these guys (that shot the videos) may very well be in that category.

When applying the law (as seen in this video), do authorities have the obligation to make subjects aware of their rights – in a Miranda sort of way? When and how does Tyranny take root?

Check Point Refusals - Video

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re: Border Patrol (DHS) Checkpoint Refusals
Tyranny has taken root.

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re: Border Patrol (DHS) Checkpoint Refusals
Thats old and its all border patrol agents, isn't it?

Doesn't one of the guys ask "Why aren't you on the border, I'm in the middle of ****, were not near a border"
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