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It's amazing:Now thePrequels are good

by magildachunks
magildachunks412/17 8:13 pm

I know this has discussed but F--k Disney

by Placebeaux
Placebeaux 1412/17 8:12 pm

Alex Garland should have directed/written The Last Jedi

by OMLandshark
OMLandshark 112/17 7:40 pm
Gnar Cat21

Jar Jar or Rose?

by Frac the world
Frac the world 312/17 7:32 pm

Forbes knows what’s up: The Rebellion Awakens: Fan Backlash Mounts

by Lacour
Lacour1112/17 8:00 pm

Mark Hamil Hurts

by Tiguar
Tiguar 712/17 7:56 pm

I’m sick of seeing women, gays and poor people being represented in movies

by Freder
Freder 512/17 6:36 pm
Sun God

People who clap/cheer in movie theatres are trashy

by Henry Jones Jr
Henry Jones Jr 1712/17 8:04 pm

Should I watch Entourage all the way through?

by GreatLakesTiger24
GreatLakesTiger241112/17 7:53 pm

I really didn't like Mother

by Ssubba
Ssubba 912/17 7:15 pm

"A Christmas Story" Live comes on at 6 CT on Fox

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by GEAUXmedic
GEAUXmedic 3912/17 8:00 pm
PurpleandGold Motown

Happy Birthday Rian Johnson!

by Bench McElroy
Bench McElroy212/17 5:48 pm

For everyone complaining about Rey's lineage

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by LSUZombie
LSUZombie 3412/17 8:04 pm

Justice League vs Star Wars

by crazyatthecamp
crazyatthecamp 112/17 4:41 pm

Frank Caliendo/Seinfeld

by EyeTwentyNole
EyeTwentyNole 1112/17 8:02 pm
Cousin Key

Animal abuse added. For all the crap Ghostbusters got it wasn’t near as bad The Last Jedi

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by Lacour
Lacour2012/17 5:40 pm

TLJ Board OT - Ferdinand or Coco with my 6-yo?

by meeple
meeple 712/17 7:25 pm

Antonio Banderas: What happened?

by tduecen
tduecen 1112/17 6:10 pm

Last Jedi Spoilers: Rey’s background

by Fox Mulder
Fox Mulder 312/17 2:39 pm
Fox Mulder

Star Wars. Different question.

by LSU alum wannabe
LSU alum wannabe 912/17 2:30 pm

J.J Abrams was an executive producer of TLJ.

by _Hurricane_
_Hurricane_ 512/17 2:02 pm

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Delivers Second Largest Opening Ever

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by The Egg
The Egg 4912/17 7:37 pm

George Lucas Is A Story Teller and Disney is a Corporation

by CU_Tigers4life
CU_Tigers4life 712/17 4:47 pm

To the movie makers

by DoUrden
DoUrden 412/17 12:09 pm

On forced social justice in movies

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by bamafan1001
bamafan1001 10012/17 6:50 pm
Antonio Moss
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