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re: For all you FOXNews haters.....
Booooo Fox news.

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re: For all you FOXNews haters.....
Fox News is left-wing propaganda packaged for republican consumption. they are a big reason why the republican party continues to nominate beltway RINOs

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re: For all you FOXNews haters.....
Yes how dare their be one news network for conservatives to turn to. Other than Hannity who is really so bad? Brett Baire, Megyn Kelly, Cavuto, Greta? They are obviously doing something right because they have gotten under Obama's skin. Sorry I'll enjoy watching good conservative commentators like Krauthammer not some of the terrible people they put out the like Joe Scarbarough.

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re: For all you FOXNews haters.....

Regardless of your political affiliation tabloids posing as legitimate news IMO are a detriment to our political process.

The trouble is Fox News, tabloid or not, is the only news service, cable or network, that actually offers the other side of the coin. The network news organizations all slant to the left, CNN does as well, and MSNBC slants HARD to the left. Fox News is really the lone voice of dissent in a left wing medium.

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