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re: Football coach suspended for calling first lady a fat ass.

I wonder why this principal of firing people for saying mean, nasty things about a president or the first lady didnot applt to Bush. I just can not fiqure uit out. Can somebody help me.

If I was this coach my lawyer would be asking those very questions in discovery.

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re: Football coach suspended for calling first lady a fat ass.

gain...I don't even care about his comments themselves. But, in his position as a school employee, he should keep political statements out of his job environment. Had he said them at home to his harm / no foul.

BHP - I'm a government employee (x2, in fact) so I get what you're saying on this. This guy is free to say what he wants, and the school board, to a certain degree is entitled to have employees that reflect on their principles.

Personally, FLOTUS is 5'11", or something like that, and I think her appearance is secondary to the fact that she's self-righteous and hypocritical. The whole movement to get American's off their fat a$$es is noble and definitely needed, I just think she goes about it the wrong way.

However, more to my point - I wanted to get your take on how this is being spun as another dog whistle racist code word?

Personally, I don't see it - gals on both sides of the aisle, regardless of ethnic persuasion, get hit on their appearance pretty hard - doesn't make it right, but I think that should shoot holes in a potential racial motivation - part of FLOTUS' problem is that she is front-and-center of this fitness campaign and is sort of asking for criticism by doing so with a caboose that's about 3/4 of an ax handle in width.

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