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Att phone with T-mobile the phone screwing with me?
own my samsung AT&T phone, wanted to test out T-mobile service, so I got a Net10 card that has both ATT and Tmobile sims to use.

I changed the sim out, and can make calls, so it is working......but coverage is beyond shit

if I switch to the ATT sim card of net10...will it be as bad?

the question, does the root ATT phone choose not to use all the Tmobile towers or something?

I can not believe that outside on a crystal clear day in the middle of a city of over a Million+ people that I would get a "no tower in range, unable to connect to network" display

also while driving, it will go from 5 bars, to nothing for 7-8 secs, drop a call, then 5 bars again with a message "auto time update"

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re: Att phone with T-mobile the phone screwing with me?
Poor People problems

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