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re: Well, co-pays for us here in Bama are down
Reading this thread, it's clear that you are either:

Young and inexperienced with real life.


Naive and don't understand how insurance works and operates.

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re: Well, co-pays for us here in Bama are down
Ok. This was not meant to be a serious thread about savings, and I am not an advocate for Obamacare.

In the past, I have called it flawed, a bad idea, etc. read back at my history.

I started this thread by saying, my copay has gone down from $30 to $20 bucks per visit, and so I insinuated that I don't go to the Doctor but once a year, because this adjustment only saves me 10 bucks a year!


Sigh. Can I make a joke about Obamacare? Or is it only ok when a well-respected, staunch advocate for Conservative principles does it?

Fell free to delete this thread admins, this board is defensive to a fault

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re: Well, co-pays for us here in Bama are down
Mine is similar. I have the better "premium coverage" that covers myself and my son. We EACH have a $1,000 deductible. Our prescription plan has a $250 deductible. However, they say that the doctor cannot prescribe twice a day dosing. WTF?
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re: Well, co-pays for us here in Bama are down
Do you want insurance to COVER everything? Your car insurance does not cover routine maintenance, your homeowners has a deductible based on the value of your home. Why should health insurance pay for everything? If you want a lower deductible get a plan with a higher premium. We want someone or something to care of all our needs. Be thankful that if something serious happens your out of pocket is capped? Insurance should be there for major medical not for every trip to the Dr. for a runny noise. If little Johnny breaks his arm and it cost $1500 then you have to pay, but if little Johnny has major surgery then you have the security of insurance to cover everything beyond your deductible. Believe it or not insurance companies are in business to make money. They are basically bookies....taking odds on how much they payout vs. how much they take in. The new Obamacare is taking away the insurance companies ability to charge individuals based on health risk. For example, a 45 year old overweight person with a history of heart disease in their family cannot be charged "much" more than a 22 year old healthy person. Now does that make sense?

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re: Well, co-pays for us here in Bama are down

My Mom's copay went up to 85 bucks on some of her routine medicines; Santyl is one of them. She's diabetic and often needs Santyl ointment to help in the healing of wounds.

Sorry to hear that. Santyl ointment is some seriously expensive stuff (and the wholesale price recently doubled.)

Three cheers for Ogumpcare. I guess older diabetics aren't good enough for an HHS mandate.

ETA: She might want to look into Unna boot bandages. Some people use those for ulcers and they work well. They're cheaper, and they can also be covered by insurance.
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