Here's How Golfer Taylor Cusack Got Ready For Her Masters Party
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These Instagram influencers really have this getting dressed thing down. Here's how golfer Taylor Cusack got ready for her Masters party over the weekend...

Wait… Did someone say Masters party?

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user avatar
SECdragonmaster25 months
If you look at the photos from 5 years ago - you see why she is going with the plastic look. LINK /
user avatar
TerryDawg0325 months
I'll take five years ago.
user avatar
TFH25 months
Yeah gimme five years ago
user avatar
BuzzSaw 1225 months
Wow. Hard to believe that's the same person.
user avatar
UAinSOUTHAL25 months
Looks like a clown and the lips are sliding off her face.
user avatar
KAGTASTIC25 months
Gawd thats awful. I can just imagine how nasty her skin is under all that makeup. I had a ex that put half this much makeup on and it was annoying waiting for her to finish. Such a waste of time.
user avatar
deltaland26 months
She looks like one of those sex robots
user avatar
BobABooey26 months
Hell yeah she does!!!
user avatar
jm_177626 months
Not a lot of brainwave activity behind her eyes.
user avatar
brett40826 months
I wonder what she looks like without the mask
user avatar
bengalman26 months
Wow! I have seen clowns with better lookin faces
user avatar
Gaston26 months
Lucy Robson Larry…Lucy Robson.
user avatar
grizzlylongcut26 months
She looks like a freakshow.
user avatar
Lynxrufus201226 months
No wonder I can't find paint for my barn. She used it all.
user avatar
Mahootney26 months
She was naturally pretty. I don't understand why girls think this plastic look is attractive.
user avatar
SoFla Tideroller26 months
Agreed. And applying makeup with a Wagner Power Painter isn't a help.
user avatar
TygerDurden26 months
Every day the narcissism grows stronger within this one.
user avatar
GeauxTigers010726 months
I like how she has this natural look to make-up or anything. It's refreshing.
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