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How bad are feral pigs in Louisiana?

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by Parmen
Parmen 292/18 6:25 pm

Calcasieu PSA

by KemoSabe65
KemoSabe6542/18 6:16 pm
Batman Chalupa

Boys, I need a powerful arse handheld spotlight

by JumpingTheShark
JumpingTheShark 152/18 1:53 pm
Bill Parker?

Exotic animal taxidermy in BR area

by tigamike
tigamike 42/18 7:06 pm

Fishing trout lines in the back water off of the ouachita

by Simmesport
Simmesport 52/18 6:25 pm

Looking for a Deer Lease

by Got Heeem
Got Heeem62/18 4:04 pm
Got Heeem

Who is ready for fishing?

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by Loup
Loup 292/18 4:52 pm
Uncle JackD

Another Reloading Free Hazmat Deal

by Bagger Joe
Bagger Joe 02/18 8:35 am
Bagger Joe

Duxbak website featuring really good deals

by Arbengal
Arbengal 132/18 6:03 pm

Reloading PSA - Midway USA free haz mat on select powder

by Duckhammer_77
Duckhammer_77 42/17 9:59 pm
TigerOnThe Hill

Tell me about Grand Isle State Park

by notiger1997
notiger199772/18 9:52 am

Problems with Mouth Turkey calls (Southern Overbite small jaw)

by TutHillTiger
TutHillTiger 52/17 9:32 pm

Some spring/summer Jeep events coming up

by DLauw
DLauw 132/18 7:47 am

Fishing report

by KemoSabe65
KemoSabe6522/17 11:17 am

Anyone know what this bait is?

by Success
Success122/16 8:52 pm

No Colors Coolers

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by Boston911
Boston911 202/18 10:12 am
Tiger Prawn

Crawfish burner

by snake2985
snake2985162/17 2:44 pm

Who has the best price on tires

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GREENHEAD22 322/18 9:48 am

Cargo trailer conversion. Pics inside. Taking suggestions.

by thejudge
thejudge 102/18 9:05 am

Can someone school me on fishing for beginners?

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by dualed
dualed 262/17 9:52 am
Tiger Prawn

Suggestions for turkey guided hunts in Louisiana and Texas

by TutHillTiger
TutHillTiger 62/17 12:56 pm

BFG AT KO2s versus Wrangler Duratecs

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by 3morereps
3morereps 382/16 11:56 am

50 "Hunting Dogs" rescued from Northshore breeder, in shelter and need homes

by WPBTiger
WPBTiger 102/14 10:27 pm

Speck Decision Already Made

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by bearhc
bearhc 452/18 5:32 am
Mr Breeze

Are brass knuckles and collapsible batons legal to carry in LA?

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by upgrayedd
upgrayedd 302/17 4:16 pm
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